Rupert Murdoch, one of the world's leading news emperors, is in deep trouble.  Long ago, the highly respected periodical, The Guardian, revealed horrible actions taken by the Murdoch news organizations.  Among the charges were hacking the phones of celebrities, royals, and even people going through the tragedy of death in their immediate family.  In fact, Murdoch employees hacked into the cell phone apps of a woman who was missing, and they intercepted messages from the family which had loved ones thinking she was still alive.  Of course she was dead.

Editors and other employees of Murdoch were arrested.  The Guardian kept up its expose.  Now Murdoch and his huge news empire is in deep trouble.  Thank goodness The Guardian did not let up.  Now the British public is insisting on a thorough investigation.  Heads will roll.  Murdoch's "News of the World," a 168-year-old newspaper, drenched in scandal and factual charges, ceased publishing.  Murdoch's own son, Jimmy, is implicated in some of this mess.  It is not isolated, and it now shows that this sort of illegal and unprofessional behavior is standard practice in the Murdoch news empire.  It was even encouraged!

Slowly there has been a seeping of unsavory charges against FOX News and Murdoch's U.S. news groups.  People have been fired.  Commentators have been forced to leave.  But so far there has not been the dedicated revelations in the U.S. that The Guardian provided in Britain.  But FOX's credibility has slipped.  I am amazed that they ever had any credibility.  FOX News is a joke, a journalistic charlatan.

What has saved Murdoch thus far has been his power and influence among conservative and right-wing politicians at the highest levels.  Posing right-wing and corporate propaganda as "news," FOX and Murdoch have helped to elevate grubby politicans to "respectability" and popularity.  Sickening as that is, it has worked.  Money has bought influence and suckers.  And they all have had a jolly time sitting around and supposing it all was straight and legal.  Now we are finding out it isn't, as the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the sordid mess that is Murdoch's "news."

"Grubby" fits many of the Murdoch favorites.  Think Newt Gingrich.  Think Sarah Palin.  They have been paid big bucks to be commenators on FOX.  Imagine, FOX presenting people like Gingrich and Palin as honest, intelligent, insightful, and objective [huh?] commenators on the "news."  How low can you go?

Are the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, etc. frightened by the right-wing power?  If not, then get on this story in the U.S. as The Guardian did in Britain.  It is an abomination that we have to put up with FOX News as a place to find objective news.  FOX News is a sleazy excuse for journalism.

I call on one of the responsible news enterprises in the U.S. to get on this story.  It reeks of sickness and slime.  The stench coming over from Britain is nauseating.  To suppose that Murdoch hasn't been doing this in the U.S. is preposterous.  Get on it!  Step on it!  These worms need to be squashed.

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