Fireworks Cause Global Warming

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The fourth of July is a unique holiday. People celebrate the fourth by thinking that they are celebrating our independence from Great Britain that was declared in 1776. But what are many people actually doing? It is the day when left-wing extremists will leave the Prius in the garage, and load up the minivan or the SUV with a charcoal grill and drive down to a crowded beach or park and fire up the barbie by dumping about a half can of lighter fuel on it and cook up a bunch of brats and hot dogs.

The pinnacle of entertainment comes after dusk when municipalities with an alliance with capitalist corporations will ignite a pyrotechnics show. Anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of constant loud noises and flashes of light will lead to the delight of just about all the spectators. Ooh’s and aah’s will be abound. Not being brought to the forefront of anyone's mind is the amount of pollution being pumped into the air. For on this day, greenhouse gases will be forgotten as a salute to the red white and blue.

Apparently also forgotten, is a sense of self responsibility and picking up after yourself. How many parks and beaches are full of garbage left by spectators who at any other time would call themselves responsible citizens? Do people believe that by being litterbugs that they are creating jobs? Even union jobs?

If citizens and politicians want people to believe that global warming actually exists-or climate change caused by man, whatever they're calling it this year-topics like fireworks in auto racing should be addressed. I'm not calling for the end of fireworks are auto racing, because I am not a global warming advocate. I am saying that consistency and how these topics will be addressed must be discussed if we are to take the subject seriously. Otherwise this is just treated like any other religion-you must believe on faith because no one can produce the facts. Or at least universally accepted facts.

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