It is interesting, the list of Republican hopefuls for the presidential nomination.  One of them recently worked for Obama, one must run away from his very successful Obamacare-like program he instituted when governor of Massachusetts, one prefers her story of Paul Revere, one places Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire to inspirte their primary voters, one goes on a cruise for a month and has his entire staff quit, etc.  That is quite a list of Rube Goldberg masterminds.

Palin and Bachmann can further their attractiveness to right-wing voters by re-writing more American history.  Sarah and Michele have American history all fixed...

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was actually the first President of the U.S.?  After all, Franklin was engaged in private enterprise and that's why we celebrate capitalism, no matter how greedy it is.

The Republican Party, as founded in Ripon, Wisconsin, had to later change its platform.  The aims of The Republican Party in the 1860s and its candidate, Abe Lincoln, were too socialistic in support of the general welfare, equality, love your enemy, etc.

The public education system in the U.S. was founded by McGuffy.

M.I.T, Cal Tech, Harvard, Princeton, etc. should be switching the emphasis of their curriculum to the "Three R's".  [or the four R's: Readin', Ritin', Rithmatic, and Republican].

The case is clearly made that public education is only for the rich and dominant ethnic culture in America.  Therefore funding for public education should be mainly directed at suburban and wealthier school districts.  Why do poor people need an education anyway?  If some local school boards cannot adhere to this, then we shall have to use tax money to support alternative schools for "normal" kids.

American labor unions follow the guidelines provided by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.

If Latinos want to become American citizens so badly, let them join the Army and get killed in an illegal war the U.S. started someplace.  Then they qualify for citizenship.

There is no limit as to the profits that are made off of the necessities of life provided by health insurance companies, oil corporations, war machinery corporations, and all other large corporations that prove the overall superiority of the free enterprise system.

Budget discussions may revolve around taxes collected from poor and middle class families, but there must be a "hands-off" policy toward wealthy income.  The wealthy in America carry no burden or responsibility to ease the financial problems facing the U.S.  Let the masses pay.  Isn't it obvious?

Our foreign policy should be turned over to the likes of Ms. Palin.  After all, she can see Russia from Alaska.

No pre-Columbian socialism is permitted in our glorious right-wing history.  Columbus did not discover America, he was a government sponsored stooge.  America, therefore, henceforth will be remembered as being discovered by Lloyd's of London and the Dutch East India Co., two wonderful capitalistic enterprises.

Proof that capitalism always wins: World War II was "won" by the Soviet Union, but because it was a communist nation it did not survive.  Brutal Nazism was only defeated in part, and now Germany stands head and shoulders above the rest of Europe as a capitalism giant [ignore their welfare state, ignore Hitler and the Holocaust...focus on glorious capitalism].

Paul Revere was delivering the Boston Globe newspaper when he made his famous ride warning the colonists that Lexington and Concord had been moved to New Hampshire.

Every question that Michele and Sarah cannot answer with at least second grade,  moderate intelligence  should be labeled a scheme by the left-wing media to discredit those two intellectual female giants.

So, now Michele  and Sarah can sit down and have a Tea Party, all very proper, don't you know?  They can discuss ways that the budget expenditures can be cut, and reassure all their corporate and wealthy sponsors that their incomes will not be touched by taxes.  There are always more corporate tax loopholes to find, always more ways to cut Social Security and Medicare, and always some war to be started and/or fought that will benefit the military-industrial cabal that rules the United States of America.

God Bless America, especially for "our kind" of people.  This history lesson is so much more comforting to right-wing Americans.

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