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Like many news junkies, I like to look at the polls. The politicians like to look at them too, although they deny being influenced by them. The most prominent poll that comes on a regular basis is the poll on presidential approval. Two half years ago, President Obama started out fairly high in the presidential approval ratings. This, of course, was expected. And as everybody knows, it's all downhill from there.

Except for a brief spike after the assassination of Osama bin Laden, President Obama has been in the high 40s hovering just below 50% approval. I sometimes wonder why it is still that high. President Obama is seeking a second term from the American people and this far into his term, it should not be out of order to look for some actual results of his presidency.

The Democrat talking heads across the country are still saying that when President Obama took office, the United States was losing 800,000 jobs a month. Okay, that's true, but what has been done to reverse that? We spent $1 trillion in the stimulus bill that was supposed to create jobs. It was supposed to create the shovel ready jobs that work to rebuild the American infrastructure. Well, the money has been spent, that jobs were not created, and the infrastructure continues to crumble. Recently, President Obama sat next to Jeff Immelt of general electric and joked about the shovel readiness of shovel ready jobs. The line was not funny and it should have been an embarrassment to everyone on the stage. It's an admission of failure on the administration's part.

With the infusion of that kind of money without a corresponding increase in the goods and services being bought by that money, inflation will certainly follow. Yet the Keynesian economists of the administration continued to tout Keynesian policies. They say the stimulus was not big enough. So, why didn't they make it $14 trillion and hand it out to everybody in America and let the American worker keep his money back he earned in that year? We would've had the best economy ever. Well, we have the debt, we spent the money, we have no results. But have you gone to the store lately? Is it easier for you to buy groceries and other essentials? Are they higher-priced? Gas prices, despite their recent decline, are still a lot higher than they were a year ago. Yet, because of the administration's policies, it is harder to get extractive resources in this country. And despite the tenaciousness of the left, we are still a long way from getting the energy we need from the sun and the wind.

Has the United States reclaimed its respect in the world? Certainly not. President Obama came to office opposing two wars that the United States was fighting. We are so now fighting three wars if you count the action in Libya. And on top of that, we don't know why we're in Libya, and instead of having a clear mission, Congress is fighting with the president over the war Powers act. This shows a complete lack of leadership.

President Obama recently blamed the tough economic numbers partially on the unrest in the Middle East. Wasn't he in favor of the revolution in Egypt? We don't even know who the anti government forces are, yet we were supposed to support them. The NATO alliance and Libya has been a complete failure. President Obama is committed to not sending ground troops in, okay, yet he had a plan to send arms over and hand them over to rebels in Libya. Does he even know who they are? They could be Al Qaeda? Aren't these the enemy that we are fighting in Afghanistan? On one hand we are handing them guns, and on the other trying to dodge the bullets. Who comes up with these things?

With $1 trillion annual deficits, it's pretty clear that the administration has no regard for the national debt. And year after year we hear that the focus should be on jobs first. Housing prices are down, unemployment is up. The economy continues to stagnate. The time is come to start looking for results. If you want my vote, you've got to convince me why I should cast it. If the president is going to be out campaigning, that certainly means he's not focusing on solutions. Running for reelection means you've got to have a solid record to run on. I just don't see it.

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