Raising My Glass

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I was quite pleased earlier this week when I heard the statement from County executive Chris Abele's office. He is not going to spend taxpayer money on a modern art project.

Contrary to popular belief, art is not universal. Like everything else in life, there are some things that you like individually, and there are some things that you don't like. Some things just don't appeal to us. This should make us bad or evil people, that's just the way we humans are.

It would be a travesty to spend three quarters of $1 million on a huge sculpture to sit outside the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Have people forgotten that were trying to cut back on wasteful government spending? Apparently some have.

The four finalists in the selection for the sculptures are all ugly. I've never been a fan of modern Art. I don't know why someone can weld together a pile of garbage and expect governments to pay huge amounts for it. Modern art is kind of like smoking. Some people actually like it. A lot of people don't, but because they have some regard for their fellow man, they don't spend all day saying how much they hate it. You have to go outside to enjoy it, and whether you like it or not, if you're downwind from someone who enjoys it, you have to put up with it. And yes, the schoolchildren are participating and they always have.

Yes, I am glad that the County executive is opposing this. We should not be sticking it to the taxpayer for some obnoxious looking sculpture. After all, in Milwaukee County, we promised all of our taxpayer money to former county worker retirees.

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