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I can't believe it either. A week after I got tired of hearing the Anthony Wiener story, I'm bringing it up myself. My first impression of Wiener was that he wasn't loud, overbearing twerp. Yes, most of this is based on our differences in politics. But he was a rising star in the Democratic Party. Now he has become the butt of many a joke. Yes, most of them are because of his name. But the latest ones he has brought on himself. It's like he picked his own name.

The comments in the blogosphere to make me chuckle. I'm surprised by the amount of people who still make cracks that would be funny if you were a 13-year-old. So even though it will laugh at them once, I won't repeat them. Not all of them.

Anthony Wiener lied to his constituents. He lied to his family. He lied to the media. He lied to the American people. He lied to whoever would listen to him. Then when he found himself painted into a corner, he decided to tell the truth. Matt Lauer calls and doing the right thing. I call it being a good Democrat. He doesn't want to resign, but he should. If he were a Republican, he would resign. Speaker John Boehner does not tolerate such action from his Republican caucus. And he shouldn't. When Representative Chris Lee, also from New York, sent a shirtless picture of himself through social media, he resigned shortly after he got caught. Even before he had a meeting with Boehner. It's usually the last honorable thing you can still do as a congressperson. But because Anthony A Wiener sent a picture of himself without a shirt on through social media, this gets tolerated by the Democrats. Because a Republican did it first, it's okay. The bar has been lowered. Has it?

Every day on my commute to and from work, I drive past somebody's house who has a sign in the yard that says "Diversity through strength." To me this means that they value everyone's input. They value everyone's opinion. Even though you come from a different background, from a different area, and have different views on the daily topics, we are willing to listen. That's what I thought it meant. But I am wrong. Right next to the sign, they decided to put the only opinion they are willing to tolerate. There is a sign with a piece of cardboard stapled to a stick that looks like it was written with a sharpie. The handwritten sign says "Recall Darling." Not too much room for tolerance. Sure, they are entitled to their opinions politically, but when you have to hand write your own political signs because signs painted professionally do not spew enough ire, that seems ignorant to me. And of course next to that, as a sign for Sandy Pasch. It's not too much of a leap of faith to declare these people are Democrats. And by their definition of tolerance and diversity, they probably support Anthony Wiener.

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