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Even though we are still about a year and a half away from the presidential election, the Republican field is starting to take shape. Trouble is, there's not a lot of optimism in the current field. And the Democrats, being of the high moral character that they are, are looking for the weakest candidate to get nominated so that President Barack Obama can cruise to a second term. And of course, with all of this non-effort, the United States will continue to fall into mediocrity. What a great vision for America!

There are many pundits and political analysts who believe that Paul Ryan is going to enter the race. Although, I believe Paul Ryan is the face of the future of the Republican Party, I'm not so sure 2012 will be his year. He has become one of the most recognizable names in the House of Representatives as chairman of the budget committee, but he hasn't roistered up the level of excitement that he needs even within his own party.

He drew up a Road map for America that was rejected and went virtually nowhere. This year, he has offered his own budget plan called the Path to Prosperity. This also was not embraced by fellow Republicans. On one hand, there certainly is no need for it to be swallowed lock stock and barrel by anyone who wants to put an R. next to their name. However, I think it would be better politics for Republicans to take his plan and find areas for which it can be improved and agreed on. Speaker John Boehner has said that this is not the only plan out there. Again, where are the other plans? The Democrats don't have one. Other Republicans can't refer to their own plans. And if the Ryan plan is just that-a plan-then it needs to be looked at and improved on. Remember, Mister Speaker, You said that Republicans are on probation. The probation period will not last forever.

We do know what the Democrat plan is. It consists entirely of telling, rather lying to, the American people and telling them that the Republicans are going to take Medicare away from them. With this misinformation, the Democrats are expecting every taxpayer in America to run it in the other direction when they hear this.

Paul Ryan has come out and said that his plan is being misrepresented. Like many of the Obama administration messages, he is saying that the plan is not the message but the failure of the messenger. As a presidential candidate, he would have to spend 17 months explaining to the American people what his plan is. On the other hand, if nobody explains this, misinformation will prevail. That's not good either.

I'm also finding it ironic that three years ago, the Democratic Party was the one of change and hope. When it came to health care, and anything but the status quo was better. Yet it was they themselves would plan to strip a half trillion dollars from the Medicare plan as part of implementing Obamacare. So the Democrat's plan now is to maintain the status quo. They want to change nothing. They only hope this problem solves itself.

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