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Creating a Summer Bucket List

This evening, after much deliberation, I bought a pair of Naot “Kayla” sandals to kick off the summer season.  It's my second pair and perhaps the most comfortable shoes I own.  Who cares that it’s 46 degrees and my toes are freezing. I'm breaking out my summer gear anyway because in one week, I’ll flip the calendar to June.  Mother Nature will just have to catch up.

Every summer, I pick one or two special places to go. And every summer, the months whiz by and I go nowhere.  This summer is going to be different. That’s because I’m creating a bucket list, plotting dates and taking full advantage of gifts like the one I get tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’ll board an orage and black school bus packed with wide-eyed, chatty and excited kindergarteners headed to the Milwaukee County Zoo. I’ll be a K-5 chaperone and I don’t know who is more excited, my daughter or me. I love the way she beams proudly as I interact with her classmates and they vie for my attention loudly calling, “Lauren’s mom. Hey, Lauren’s mom. Look at this.”

This summer there will be plenty to see. The zoo’s website touts new bonobos (ape family) and a new butterfly exhibit. We didn’t get to the Dells last summer but when it warms up, I’m taking the girls and my nephew. Then there are trips to the Sears Tower,  uh, Willis Tower.  Lunch with Granddaddy at American Girl and of course, there is a host of festivals. We’re ready.

As for tomorrow, camera? Check. Snacks? Check. Comfortable shoes? Check.  Summer-like weather?   One can only hope.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

How about you?  What special activities are you planning for the summer?

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