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I can't figure it out. Tax-and-spend liberals will grab their picket signs at the drop of a hat and truck on over to Madison to march in front of the Capitol and scream "unfair"if they believe a tax break would be given to a corporation especially if it were initiated by a Republican. But if there were to be a tax increase for specific use of, let's say a sports venue, then that's all well and good.

County executive Chris Abele recently came out and said that he would be against extending the stadium tax or creating another sales tax in order to build a replacement for the Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee. Let's drink to that. Any other time, we would have crumbling schools, pothole filled streets, and understaffed for your departments. But when it comes to financing a sports venue, the tax-and-spend liberals have no problem with that. Well, here is the problem: we have a bunch of overpaid, under performing professional athletes that are being paid millions each year and yet the public is expected to construct their workplace.

This would make about as much sense as if we were to use public funds to build gas stations and then allow Exxon Mobil or British Petroleum come in and make all the money. They get the profit, we pay the five dollars for a gallon of gasoline. This is sound fair to you? We did this with Miller Park and they're doing it in Green Bay with Lambeau Field. And because liberals like equality of outcome, it is also being done in many cities across America. But that doesn't make it right.

Just about everyone who has a job in the private sector, did not get their workplace built entirely with public money. And because sports is a business, why should all of the super wealthy athletes be overpaid because their owners did not have to build their workplace? People in favor of this say it is only a penny on $10 spent. But how many times do you spend $10 in the course of a year? Quite a bit. So this venue is costing you more than seven cents per year. Over the course of a year, you may even have saved enough to buy an extra gallon of gas. It may not seem like much, but that would be enough to mow your lawn for the year. Or more your lawn for part of the year. Are you better off with a better looking lawn or would you rather make sure that Ryan Braun gets $14 million a year?

I will admit that I am not a very good sports fan. Whenever my local team takes the field, I expect him to win. So when the local teams such as the Brewers or the Bucks do not have very successful years, I do not feel financially obligated to hand over either my money or my tax dollar. What's wrong with Herb Kohl building a sports arena? He certainly has the money. Now that he is retiring from the Senate, he will be paying more attention to the team. Whether or not they win is irrelevant. I don't care. I still think that they are overpaid, they under perform, and they have too many tattoos. As you may have guessed, I have not gone to any games this year.

Many citizens will argue that the team will bring in a lot of money for a lot of surrounding businesses during the course of the year. Both the Brewers and the Bucks. And may God bless them all. But if we are this close to the brink of losing the team because of an old arena, then Herb Kohl can be the big savior of the city and build an arena for downtown Milwaukee like he did for the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Don't all these old rich guys spend most of their days trying to think of ways to leave themselves a legacy? Here's his chance.

Sports, like life, should be a participatory thing. You shouldn't be spending all your time on the sidelines. Just because I don't like all the professional sports, I'm not going to stop everybody else from being a fan. But whether your sport is baseball, basketball, football, hockey, bicycling, weightlifting, volleyball, etc., I believe you will be better off participating in that sport rather than sitting back and watching someone else get all the glory and all the money. Yes, the choice is yours. It is a personal choice. And contributing to the sports organizations either by attending the games, buying the jerseys, or patronizing the sponsors, should also be an option. Forcing contribution through tax policy takes the choice out of it. And that shouldn't be.

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