Published on: 5/18/2011

It is too bad that in today's society that it is necessary to have a two-party system.


Perhaps more than two, or a system without parties, as our forefathers envisioned the government that they were creating would have adequately fulfilled the needs of democracy.


Government is perhaps one of the most significant elements of a democratic society. Yet it in the United States it seems to divide itself into separate groups with people of different orientation and perspectives disrespectful of the others' views.


We tend to concentration on the difference in conviction rather than in common humanity. Smaller and new parties seem to form at the farthest edges of the major parties rather than at the middle or in between.


And because of the distance from what appears to be a sensible middle and especially from the farthest edge of the other party, they present us with increasing abnormalities with the increasing distances.


It would appear, as long as we are to have two major parties as we do in the United States that we should overlap as much at the center as possible in order to maintain a reasonable and sensible government.


However, to the extent that we are pulled, as today referred to the far left and to far right, we tend to destroy the function of democracy. And rather than an overlap at the middle, we are likely to find a vacuum there.


As with a two-party system, we cannot be a government for all of the people, by all of the people and then of course not of all the people, we should work toward being a government “for most of the people, by most of the people and of most of people. It seems that is best done by overlapping as much of the middle as possible.


We find ourselves today, being pulled to the distant fringes of our party beliefs and losing ourselves in the expression of those beliefs and become so separated that our actions become destructive to our system of democracy.


Some would describe one party as the party of the working class and the other the party of rich. And if our interests were truly divided in that way, we could probably never be able to work together.


Both parties could come together if we considered the interest of the children, the adults and the elderly, reminding ourselves of the rolls that all play in a society. A prosperous society cannot function if the future assets, that of all of the children and their education were not of the highest of priorities.


The main function of young families is the welfare of their children.


The welfare of adults is important because of their productive qualities and usefulness to their children. Parents of adults have gone through that cycle and care for both their adult children and their grandchildren, especially in their rolls as grandparents.


The main function of society and of government therefore is its proper operation in relation to its people of all ages who form the society and give purpose to government's existence.


Government does exist for the purpose of supporting a view of one economy against another. It exists as Lincoln said for the people.


Therefore a system where one party is for the poor and one for rich cannot long endure. The goal must be the one that Lincoln presented us, by, for and of the people.