Barry's Big Bounce

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Osama Bin Laden is dead. A commitment made almost 10 years ago has been fulfilled. If he was not brought to justice, justice was brought to him. I doubt that there have been very many tears shed over this. So where are the pictures? As a country who believes in freedom of the press, and people who naturally rubberneck with curiosity to see people at their worst, big brother government is going to shield us from ourselves for our own good. As part of a growing minority in America who still pays federal taxes, I believe I am due a picture.

The rationale of course, is that it will incite violence by radical Muslims. Yet these are the same Muslims that we are being told time and again are not really violent. But if you draw a cartoon or mock a Muslim leader, that is cause for condemnation. Condemnation by the United States.

President Barack Obama is enjoying a spike in the polls for his job approval since May 1. He doesn't seem too shy about centralizing the credit. He certainly would've gotten blamed for any failure, so I won't argue that point. But for someone who claims to not want to spike the football, he's quite content with all the attention from Democrats and liberals or gloating over his strength as a foreign affairs master. This comes after an apology tour saying that America has been arrogant in the past.

So how long will this poem/? It seemed to come at a good time right after releasing the birth certificate and being able to knock that off the front pages and removing it as a topic of talking heads on cable news. I'm sure that soon he will be back on the campaign trail touting how well he did in getting bin Laden whereas George Bush could not. And he did it without releasing the photos as proof.

Another picture Obama does not want you to see is a picture of the American economy. Soon after we're through gloating over the death of this most wanted terrorist, we will have to go back to the reality of the American economy. Gas prices are still high, home prices are still declining. Unemployment has risen again to 9%. GDP growth in the first quarter of the year has also slowed. The debt ceiling still has to be raised. Annual deficits will still be $1 trillion or more.

Although the election is still year and a half away, the campaign is about to start. Yes, this is a big accomplishment that needed to be done, but the economy is still in bad shape. And when election day rolls around, the war on terror will not be the most important issue that people vote on. It has been and will continue to be the economy. So let's ask ourselves again, are we better off than we were four years ago? Is it easier for your family to buy things? Is your home worth more than it was four years ago? The economy goes in cycles of growth and decline, and even though we are in a period of growth, it is a lot slower than we expect. For many Americans, it still seems like we are in decline.

We've seen by the events of the past week, that America yearns to be great. Great militarily and great economically. It's time for America to be great again. We have shown that we come together and minimize our differences more when we are doing great things. So if President Obama would like to maintain his spike in the polls, it can be done if he has the right vision for America and America's future. This is accomplished by American greatness.

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