This past week has been a welcomed change in political attitudes.  A certain tolerance has finally entered the picture.  While some people are only happy when they hold onto a focus on differences, a small step toward compromise and healthy communication has taken place.  Focusing only on differences is counter-productive.  And we have given far, far too much attention to the nay-sayers.  If you have nothing positive to add to the conversation, perhaps it would be best for America if you shut up.

If you and I have differences of opinion, this opens up a good opportunity for dialogue.  Few Americans wish for the U.S. to fail or go backward.  Therefore we can start from a place where we can at least agree upon that.  Shouting, rants, negativity, hostility, lies, distortions, personal attacks, insinuations, etc. only stand in the way of communication and progress. 

Another damaging action takes place when we cannot admit our personal, hidden agenda.  Most of us cannot even admit this to ourselves.  And so we engage in hidden hatred, backhanded attacks, and stating things in a "complimentary" way and yet give selfish and combative intention.  Few people with strong political opinions are ever honest with themselves.  These are, for the most part, people who are truly insecure, have potentially very low esteem, and find it impossible to be honest with themselves.  In essence they try to bring people down to their low level.  Alcoholics often do this.  Political junkies, too.  It is sometimes accurately called "passive aggression."

Add to all of the above the fact that most people are unaware of what it takes for democracy to succeed, or even to know what democracy is.  Some people think democracy means people must see it my way.  Some people are unable to admit being wrong.  Some people feel compromise means you lose.  Some people want to jam their ideas down your throat for "democracy" sake.  Some people are truly sick and find that their secret hostility is not wrong if they remain anonymous.  This puts them in a league with serial killers, pedophiles, little tyrants and dictators, abusive parents, and other anti-social people who are enemies of democracy.  Confronted with all this, the typical response is: WHO, me???

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