Published on: 5/7/2011



Albert Einstein said, “ he who joyfully marches in rank and files has earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would be sufficient.


Most of us as members of organizations go along with the collective without giving much thought to the actions being taken. If all agree, we think, the action can't be wrong and it is easy to support each other.


It is often that collective action is wrong. But it is not recognized as such, probably because there in no one person to blame.


And I hope that it is without arrogance that I challenge all official members to represent the citizens of this community to not merely exercising their human proclivities in viewing commonly held thoughts when it comes to resolving our sewer problems, for example.


With some thought, neither can we give tax base as the only reason for developing what is described as a commercial area when it is not being seen as the opportunity to create a center for our community. In thinking of a center, we would of course make different decisions.


I'm sure that Einstein would warn that there is certainly some arrogance in my statements, perhaps they would be more acceptable as questions. But I cannot be accused of rank and file thinking.