There it is and Shorewood Citizens can't do a thing about it.

Published on: 5/5/2011



Dave Fidlin does an excellent job of objective reporting in his Now North Shore articles distributed to the north shore area by the Journal-Sentinel every Thursday. I congratulate him.


I'm going to give my subjective interpretation of his story as I read it this morning. This is more or less how editorially I would have seen what is going on in Shorewood if I had been at the meeting:


The Mandel project, the building of a six story apartment building over a re-located Walgreen's on the present Sendiks parking lot is being steam-rolled through by Village official without neighbor or citizen impute, no matter what.


A mere formality of Plan Commission and Design Review Board approval will bring the presently inside-approved project closer to formal finality, with few if any significant changes. Of course, the project is going to move forward without a hitch, so its special designation is being worked on.


As part of the final step, already-in-preparation documents for creating a fourth Tax-Incremental Financing district (TIF) have been readied for making “the project otherwise not possible, possible.” Ten more million dollars ($10,000,000), at least it's not trillions.


The new district will, of course, be approved by the Village Board and will be passed unanimously 6-0 as one Trustee seat is vacant, otherwise the vote would be 7-0, whoever is appointed. That's the way it goes.


After everyone connected with the project, including all officials and staff at Village Hall are reasonably assured that the project cannot be significantly modified or rejected, “Village Manager Chris Swartz said two public meetings will be held on the (the non-stoppable) proposal on May 11 and 25, for some unknown purposes.


Now you can see it. There you have it. Take or leave it. This is going to be a significant change to Shorewood's appearance and function and citizens can't do a thing about it.


Someone, in a cave somewhere is exercising design control. “This is how communities are built.” It's ready to go. Village Hall knows what's good for us.


After all we elected them. So get over it. Those are the rules and Citizens can't change the rules no matter what.