Published on: 4/28/2011


It is perhaps worthy to note how rapidly movement can be made from absurdity, into imbecility and then right into insanity in the political world.


This has been done though a willing media in the short time that D 'Trump has made his appearance, perhaps the worst person to have lunch with, my test of interesting and likable persons and who has now moved to the edge of, if not slipped into insanity with his publicly-made irrational remarks on all subjects.


It is an act of idiocy for persons who have gone into serial financial bankruptcy as the means to success in business, tied to successive marriage bankruptcies who would now seek the extension of these failing personality traits by entering a not-too rational movement within the Republican Party, the Tea Party element.


What would Lincoln have said about the Party that today we refer to as the Party of Lincoln? Do Republicans really want D 'Trump to symbolize the Republican Party. Certainly, Republicans have not become D 'Trump-like, or have they? They have already become Tea Party-like.


I base most of my political feelings, in addition to the thoughts expressed in the Declaration of Independence, on the philosophy of Jefferson who wrote it and on the thoughts of Lincoln who said that this document guided him in his political actions.


I think that real conservatism could be made to live again today if we had the two old parties, that of Jefferson's and the Party of Lincoln. Both of these leaders have become symbols of American democracy.


Where do the clownish tactics of D 'Trump fit in as compared to these men? What are the depth of D 'Trump's thoughts and how did he come by them and where can he lead this country? Both Jefferson and Lincoln confronted the race situation quite differently than D 'Trump is doing.


And just in passing, where did this family come-by a name like Trump?  At a card game somewhere?  Did that name appear on the birth certificate of the first "Trump?"  "Must have been acquired.  What about it Donald?