Nothing is more difficult than to try and communicate with someone who is not informed or only informed with distorted/inaccurate information.  This is not a slam at anyone, but it is an expression of what people in the objective media are up against.  Legitimate and professional news outlets such as the BBC, DW, CBC, N.Y. Times, Washington Post, etc. are faced with ignorant stones thrown at them from people who do not know what they are talking about but now have all kinds of places where they can post their ignorant comments.  I'm pleased that we have the freedom to speak our mind in the U.S., but unfortunately too many do not have the wherewithal to understand the difference between intentionally distorted media and news journalism.

Historically it took a long, long time for many uneducated people to accept the fact that the world is not flat, and that the earth is not the center of our solar system.  I can clearly remember the large number of people who thought that our landing on the moon was a hoax.  Many people thought our moon landing was staged.  No amount of reliable news coverage could convince them otherwise.

This sort of ignorance has become more common now with the large amount of communication outlets and the various types of electronic hosts.  Anybody with an axe to grind can find someplace to post his/her ignorant rants.  Anyone posing as a journalist or scholar can find a place where they can post offensive-ignorant-distorting lies.  Scholarship and professional journalism have come under threat and it has reached a point where those sources are becoming rare.  Ratings come for screaming lies, outrageous claims, sensational "revelations," and extreme points of view. 

The President of the United States felt the pressure to release a signed, sealed, authentic document to prove he was born in the United States.  Making these outlandish lies about him even worse, is that one of the main perpetrators of the lies about the President's birthplace, is a leading candidate for the nomination for president by the Republican Party.  How bad has it gotten?

One of the more respectable candidates for the Republican nomination for president, Mitt Romney, has to run away from his success in instituting health care reform as Governor of Massachusetts.  Why?  Has the health care program he supported and helped to pass a failed program?  No, it is a very successful health care program.  But it is too close to the Obama health care plan.  Therefore, in today's craziness, truth and success have been replaced by lies and distortions.  Good luck, Governor Romney.

Where does this all end?  We impeach a President of the U.S. for lying and adultery.  Who leads the charge to get impeachment started?  One of the sleaziest men in American politics, Newt Gingrich, who was doing exactly what Clinton was charged with: fooling around with interns and lying about it.   His second in command was Tom DeLay, now a proven felon.  And who actually leads the impeachment trial itself in the House of Representatives?  Why, Henry Hyde, a self-admitted adulterer.  Who is selected to replace Gingrich as Speaker  of the House?  Another adulterer who almost immediately has to resign.  Clinton was a terrible man to do what he did in the White House, but that does not absolve those who were equally guilty of their own moral failures.  It is crazy.  Polarization was therefore an almost natural result when politics was swirling with so many lies, so much distortion, and so much ethical and moral deficiency.

The United States of America, once a beacon in the world, has become a laughing-stock worldwide.  The United States of America, once a bastion of solid and professional journalism, has become the launching pad for the most outrageous, most outlandish, most unreliable, most unprofessional media that poses as news sources.  News is rarely presented now in the U.S.  What is presented is a carefully vetted, bent, distorted, unintellectual, and shouting rant imaginable.  In today's news spectrum, ratings come from lies not truth, from immature ignorance not professionalism. 

You and I have condoned this situation.  And we are destroying the United States.  Democracy is no longer possible here.  We have a carefully controlled aristocratic oligarchy.  Once it was the American dream to come from poverty to succeed.  Today you are losing your middle class status to the most devious cabal there is.  You still have a tad of the American dream left, but your kids and grandkids in America have no such future.  Almost every section of the industrialized world is watching its people increase into middle class status.  In the U.S., the opposite is true.  And we are telling ourselves lies and blaming the middle class and the poor.

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