The Diversions

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President Barack Obama finally released his birth certificate in order to put to rest a distraction that takes our attention away from the real issues today. Even though the left brought it up more often, it is conservatives and Republicans who will get blamed for keeping this on the front burner. Three weeks of Donald Trump finally pushed the administration to releasing the document. We'll speak to rest? I'm sure there is a lot more spin to come. I'm sure the name-calling from the left is just getting started. After all, we have a year and a half until the election. We know it's got to get nasty. However, I agree with the president when he said that we've got bigger problems in this country. Then of course, he flew off to Chicago to sit on the Oprah Winfrey show.

But let's move to a real issue. High gas prices. In 2008, then-President George Bush was being blamed for high gas prices. Okay, we blame the president for a lot of the nation's problems. It comes with the territory. What did Bush do about it? In retrospect, I don't know. But gas prices did eventually come down for a while. Now, prices are high again. Again, the citizens of this country are looking to the president for a solution. We're looking for results. Will gas prices come down? Not yet.

Whenever the price of gas gets high, the government has predictable answers. They talk about releasing the strategic reserves which is supposed to stabilize the price of gas short term. Of course we know that there is not enough gas and oil in the strategic reserves to fix the problem long term. But what are we doing about it?

The president has directed his attorney general, Eric Holder, to look into price fixing by wholesalers and speculators. This is kind of an odd approach. It immediately assumes that anybody connected with the oil industry, like many of the other business people, are dishonest and will take advantage of people by cheating them at every turn. Can we even be sure that we're getting a gallon of gas when we fork over four dollars? Maybe were only getting three quarts. Businesspeople can't be trusted, just take a look at what the lumber industry did with the 2 x 4.

If anything, this is consistent with the administration's belief that the answer is more government. More oversight, more bureaucrats. We need a trustworthy government official sitting on the corner with the gas station attendant who is only giving you 3 quarts when you asked for a gallon. The government has also slowing down development for exploration and development of domestic oil. American companies are not allowed to drill in the Gulf of Mexico yet the federal government is assisting speculators in Brazil to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. How is this helping to reduce our dependency on foreign oil? Whether we want to admit it or not, we are not a short 12 weeks away from getting all of our energy from the wind and the sun. We did not harness the power of the tornadoes that have been sweeping through the country this past month, and how often have we seen the sun in the past two weeks? Not enough to power our cars, that's for sure.

If the United States is going to become energy independent, or at least reduce its dependency on Mideast oil, we must do whatever we can to develop energy sources in this country. Yes, it should include development of renewable sources, but we are not going to wean ourselves from extractive resources by the end of the year. We cannot grow our economy while enduring uncertainty in energy prices that are skyrocketing. The federal government should take a look at its monetary policy and stop devaluing the dollar. The dollar's devaluation is doing more to raise the price of gasoline than the dishonesty of speculation. But like an illusionist, we are looking at something else for a diversion instead of tackling the problem as it really is. Lowering the value of the dollar isn't going to make our goods more attractive to foreign countries. It is only going to cause us to send more money to the Middle Eastern countries that do not like us. This is been an issue for decades, isn't it time we started to do something about it?

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