Published on: 4/26/2011



Republicans are strong on war, on secure borders and who is American and who is not. Their family values are difficult to explain. Republic-type adultery is fine, several marriages is somewhat like successfully achieved bankruptcies. But Democratic adultery, is hell, almost as bad as “socialism.”


Republican Capitalism is based on the pretense that everyone can become rich, therefore, heaven is here on earth in various degrees for the moneyed-class, those who try hard can pretend also to be on the road to heaven. The poor are getting a good taste of what hell is even before they enter eternal hell.


The Democrats are beginning to accept their reduced role as that of the circus goers and as those who watch the strange Republican performances. “Jobs, jobs, jobs,” was one of those performances turned onto the Democrats to embarrass them and ridicule their “failing” economic policies.


Jobs for Republicans are seen as another type of taxation. Those who believe in creating jobs are going straight to hell, the home of non-repenting Democrats. Taxes go for wasteful Democratic programs, distributed among those who do not believe in profit-making, preferring to eat at government troughs.


Unions encourage the maintenance of useless jobs at high costs. Their activities have been bad enough in the private sector but also add to public cost and taxes in government. Policemen, fire-fighters and teachers tend to join unions, acquiring the same hellish values as unions. Hey, are unions still here. They must go.


The programs and benefits that union members seek are also of a “socialistic” nature. Health insurance and pensions even in addition to other evils, Social Security and Medicare as examples. Union members tend to unite, voting for costly programs that cut away at the riches of the moneyed-classes.


The Democratic Party embraces all these evils, their members despised and therefore tend to stand at the side lines hoping not to be noticed. The Democrats are guilty of all these evils and should be made to repent.


Even if they don't believe as Republicans, they dress like them to make themselves obscure and befog Democratic appearances. Democrats know that their evil ways must be hidden as they are dangerous to Capitalism.


Those programs initiated by Democrats must be eliminated. Reducing the budget is one way of doing this. Eliminating the programs directly of course is the best way. Cutting taxes creates the most heavenly of satisfactions. So although Democrats are in power they have been shamed into inaction.


Everyone knows that Democratic entitlement programs are responsible for this huge debt. Now the debt is being held by has become a menace. So cut, cut, cut the budget so as not to increase the debt.


The debt-reducing revenues that will result sometime in the future will be considered to be a great Republican achievement. We will be relieved somewhat from these foreign obligations. Don't forget the yellow menace. The present Democratic administration has increased this vulnerability.