Published on: 4/24/2011



This year while sitting here in the Village Square, I learned that we are going to get a sidewalk cafe'. One of my former students reminded that I was a sidewalk cafe' advocate since I got here about half century ago. She was a student many years later and of course in my later years.


The evidence is growing that we are living in an expanding universe. We've known that now for some years. We've also been conditioned for several years now to rising gasoline prices, going to be at about $5 a gallon.


So this year $4 doesn't seem so bad even though we're in recession. If all American's stayed home one day, on a gasoline strike, Wall Street speculators would fall apart. Let's do that one day and let's see what happens.


Now we've learned that the world population has reached the 7 Billion mark and that we are in an expanding universe.


When I was born, my father knew nothing of an expanding universe. He often told me of his unfortunate incident of having slipped on the ice on that January day and almost hit his head. So that day wasn't too great. I think he wanted to make me feel guilty for coming around. They wanted a girl.


The world population then was less than 2 billion. When I started to drive, regular gas was about 17 cents a gallon and you'd get a free cup or glass with every 5 gallons. I don't know what we did with those cups and glasses.


So today it's a different world of course. This summer I get to sit at a sidewalk cafe' right here in this here village, contemplating an expanding universe and an expanding world population and D' Trump taking over Libyan oil wells with gas at $5 dollars a gallon and sweet oil at over $100 a barrel, perhaps soon at $200.


I'm going to think of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan a lot. He rose this year as well. In the future, we'll be talking about the years before Ryan and the years after (BR and AR). Ryan is going down in history as the great economist. We don't often refer to politicians as economists but that's what they think that they've become.   


And talking about everything expanding, Ryan is dealing with our expanding budgets and our expanding debt, by the way, those are two different things. Politician-economist of course, know that.


He's also dealing with an expanding portion of old folks in our population, the result of an expanding population and expanding life expectancy. We've yet to consider the real role of old folks in our economy today, that is beyond their role of collecting Social Security and expanding our costly Medicare.  I think that Ryan wonders as to what ot do with old folks.   


But that's what our Wisconsin Ryan is working on. It's not going too well with his constituents, many of them growing old and worrying about their children's old age, but he lives in Washington and they love him there. That's want counts.


I'll be talking more about our expanding universe and Ryan and of course, D' Trump if he sticks around. He sure is fun. I think I'll be doing a series. Just bit by bit. Not too much at one time. We don't want to get too expanded all at once.  But that sidewalk cafe' sounds good, if we ever get enough sun.