I'm no puny businessman, Mr. Rommey. 'I've created thousands of jobs. I'm a genius.'

Published on: 4/24/2011



Most recent political surveys indicate that D 'Trump is the leading potential Republican candidate for the presidency.


On foreign policy he has said simply that if we go into Libya, we'll take the oil. This is an old imperial notion that “to the victor go the spoils.” He's going to place a 25% import tax on Chinese goods and return jobs from overseas. How to return jobs, D 'Trump?  Oh! you know how. 


I haven't heard or perhaps don't recall any of his statements on Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan nor on Ryan's plan to eliminate our national safety net system, although D 'Trump thinks that Obamacare is terrible as is President Obama, an illegal alien.


Most Republicans believe that. So, a hail to D 'Trump.


D 'Trump might now direct his practical approach to debt and infrastructure, example, that 75% of the benefits from our common energy resources in this country would go to pay-down our national debt and improve our infrastructure. He hasn't said that, but to the victor or to the people go the spoils.


I believe that he once said, that we needed to apply taxes to the well-to-do as well, but that was before Ryan.


So D 'Trump is beginning to give shape to the Republican Party for 2012.


And in his script, he would be king and perhaps emperor. Hail Cesare.