Well, D 'Trump is no Romney.

Published on: 4/20/2011



D 'Trump would place a 25% tax on goods coming in to the US from China. He'd go into Libya and take over the oil.


Following his logic and his approach, we could go down to the Gulf today and take over British Petroleum and all those other oil companies down there and use the money to pay off the debt or raise Social Security for the seniors—a man after my own heart.


He'd bring back all the jobs that went to China. I suppose he'd put a tax on CEOs that didn't bring their firms back here. I can see job creation all over the place. "Not too fast, not too many, now."


That sure is big two-fisted policy-making. Who could Trump that?  Not Romney.  D' Trump says Romney is only a small puny business man – never created jobs like the creator D 'Trump has. He's created thousands. D 'Trump would tell the Chinese to keep it cool over our debt. 



Plus, D 'Trump's a pro-life abortionist. No, I got that in the wrong order. Abortionist first, now pro-lifer. Either way who wouldn't . . ?  What did he say?  You mean about guns or about teachers?


D 'Trump was for a single-payer health care program once, but doesn't care now, doesn't care about Obama care, especially.


It's the worst thing on earth next to Obama being the worst president we ever had.  But the D 'Trump, he'll be the best president we ever had, he'll be the best president we ever had . . . . Hail Caesar.