Them Dang Errors

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A few years ago when I was flipping through the channels on the television, I came across an old rerun of My Favorite Martian. In this episode, Uncle Martin was dictating a letter. As he spoke the words, a typewriter across the room put the words to text. And of course, no one was actually doing the typing. The typewriter was doing it on its own.

When this was dreamed up in the mid-60s, people probably thought that this is pure science fiction. Yet less than half a century later, we know that it is fact. This can be done today. It isn't done the same way as it was in 1964, because today, hardly anyone uses a typewriter anymore.

This is how I write Logos of the Bogus. I don't sit in front of the computer and actually type away, I use text to speech software. I speak into a microphone and at just about the rate that I can speak, the words appear on the screen. It's much faster than typing, because I never really graduated above the 30 words per minute level. Yet, I can get in the zone and crank out a few articles in a lot less time. And of course, you can see some of the disadvantages of this. Although it is very accurate, some of the things I say get translated into very strange sentences. But because it doesn't know any misspelled words, nothing can be misspelled. So everything becomes dependent upon proofreading. As some readers may know, I don't put a lot of effort into proofreading everything that I write or say. This is a blog, not an English paper.

Now my intent here is not to become completely careless, because if you are taking the time to read my opinions, I should put some effort into making sure that the sentences make sense. But, people by nature are simply lazy. And I can't apologize for being human. Plus, it's often hard to proofread what you've just written because you're still thinking the thoughts and not correcting for spelling or grammar. Some things still get lost in proofreading.

So if you come across something that does not make sense, just try to imagine something that would make sense. Makes sense to me. And if it doesn't, just do what I do-blame the Dragon.

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