The RICH and the RICHES of this country are needed for its sustained growth.

Published on: 4/14/2011



We need to stop talking about creating jobs in the private sector. A business will hire employees when it really needs them, not because a CEO thinks that heiring a few this morning is for the good of the economy and the country.


Reductions in public spending means that more than a few will lose their jobs in the public sector. We can therefore expect a steady relative rate of high unemployment for some years.


The emphasis when it comes to jobs today will be in the creation of one's own business--opening up a barber shop, a insurance agency, a hardware store, a dental clinic, a law office, computer repair service or any form of self-operated business.


Significantly fewer jobs will be industrial jobs. This means those in poverty and the unemployed will grow in proportion within the total economic structure for the coming years.  They will require attention, 


The national government's main role in addition to defense is going to be primarily that of supporting economic growth and infrastructure building.


There appear to be only two justifiable funding sources for fulfilling these national responsibilites, one is an increased assumption of tax responsibility among the better off our society and the other is the creation of an additional revenue source by control and management over our common national resources. 

These especially are oil, natural gas, coal, natural areas and agricultural resources, primarily in the use as energy.


Therefore, it will be through a special taxing of the well-to-do and though national sharing in the benefits of our energy resources that we shall improve our infrastructure and steady our economic growth.


Clearly this means increased taxation for the better off our society and an increased share in the benefits of energy development and distribution. The former to be accomplished by law and the latter through forms of contractual agreements and national acquisitions.


There are actual examples of these means among many thriving countries. There appear to be no examples of growing economies where energy producing sources and where the wealthier of the country are spared the direct responsibility of supporting the growth of the economy.