Barry's Victory Lap

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Over the past two years, the mission and agenda of the Obama administration has been to increase America's dependence on the government. Perhaps this is why the media was taking so many steps to make this look like a dire situation. Why, without the government the soldiers would not defend our shores. The police would not secure the streets. And the teachers would not be in the classroom-this time for a different reason. But what would actually happen with the government shutdown?

From what has been actually reported, the federal parks and monuments would be closed. This would have the largest effect in Washington DC. People who paper filed their tax returns would have a delay in getting the refund. But who is filing this lake to the deadline and is still expecting a refund? I would not be of the essence in this case. Well, the list could go on but a partial government shutdown may not have a big impact in which the mainstream media would have you believe. Life as we know it would continue.

If you pay any attention to the news, you are well aware of all the finger-pointing that has gone on as to who'll would be to blame for this partial government shutdown. But let's take a look behind the finger-pointing. Why did the situation really occur? The fiscal year for 2011 actually began Oct 01, 2010. In years past, the president has traditionally offered an annual budget in January or February giving the Congress Upton nine months to debate it or it are much pork will be in it, what are the pet projects, which Congressman will be bringing home the bacon are the things that get considered. Things that are generally assumed that there will be a huge annual deficit that perennially is debated as being too high. Yet it continues to grow. No one actually believes that the annual budget will be balanced this year or anytime soon.

But this year is different. The president did not offer an annual budget. During his campaign, the president pledged to take a look at the annual budget and goal line by line and see if all of the items on their are necessary and effective. Unfortunately, there were silly people that actually believed that President Obama as president would actually take a look at the annual budget. I guess by not offering a budget, he can truthfully say that he did not miss a line on it. That's what the Democrats call truth.

By not offering a budget this year, President Obama showed his usual lack of leadership. Every January, the president comes out and says that this year there will be a huge focus on jobs. And as usual, the weeks pass and we get distracted by other things of less importance. After all, concerts at the White House have to be attended, golf has to be played, and vacations have to be taken. And as of last week,  Obama's new focus and primary focus for the next two years is going to be: reelection.

Thursday night, after a long meeting with speaker banner and Senator Reid, the president came out saying that he hoped there would be an agreement. He hoped he could make a statement early Friday morning. Well, hope did not create an accomplishment. It is a real not to hope that things will get done. Hope is not action.

Yet oddly enough, on Saturday morning after an agreement had finally been reached, President Obama took a victory lap down to the Lincoln Memorial claiming victory that he'd been able to bring people together and create an agreement that will keep the United States government open. We can all rest assured that as part of his campaign is going to use this as a victory moment. How he made it happen. Well, he may have hosted the meeting, but it was not his leadership that got the two parties to a final agreement.

Well, now that we have a budget that was due six months ago, it's time to rest on our laurels. After all, the president does not want to make a mistake. Well, America has made mistakes, and that does not mean that we need to purposely take some missteps in the present. Yet by not showing action, and showing actual leadership, how will we be able to win the future? Winning the future is simply a catch phrase to replace the old worn out hope and change. After all, the change only made things worse, and we still have to hope that things will be better in the future. The first half of this administration has been a failure. By winning the future, we have to hope that things will still get better and not be able to blame the president for the years of lousy economy, 2+ Middle East wars, a lousy job outlook, and the list could go on. We still have to be able to blame President Bush for these things.

Yes, the administration has absolutely no control over the bad things that happen in America. But they somehow create the good things. And they tried to centralize the credit for it. The race for president in 2012 has begun. Let's hope we have some decent candidates to choose from this time. That will be the only way America will be able to win in the future.

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