What about backups this summer?

Published on: 4/10/2011

Rain, rain go away. 


The assignment of an engineering firm to each of the four divisions created for sewer development purposes in Shorewood is an excellent idea and it would not have been done without Chris Swartz's complete involvement, I'm sure.


I want to congratulate Chris for getting this underway. It now makes each engineering group advocates for their particular district.  We are lucky to have Chris engaged.


Here comes, the “on the other hand” or the “however.”  We at this point seem to be several months away from final approvals “go-a-heads” and contracting for work to be done. And perhaps in fewer months we'll experience the season of heavy rains.


Heavy rains will mean backups again this summer. It is too bad that those affected could not get whatever sump pump systems are available now that MMSD has arranged for them before the rains. It is probably too late to take advantage of these now and we aren't sure of what they will accomplish.


So for this summer, all we can do is pray for drought. I don't believe that God has received many requests for drought. It is too bad that we could not have aimed at what to do for this summer as well as work with the overall problem. How can each household prepare for eventual backups?


Besides congratulating Chris for his good work, I'm writing the post hoping someone could come up with some idea of what we can do for this summer. What will backups do again where new furnaces and appliance have been installed?


Isn't there something that could be done before water reaches the basements. Has anyone in Shorewood come up with some practical solution?


Does anyone have any experience or know what might be practical steps to take. I think all of us together should be discussing this in the weeks ahead. It's really a community thing.


The best solution, it seems, would be a season of minimal rain. But how can we engineer that?