Published on: 4/9/2011



Oh! That was heavy. 'Not too much sleep last night.  Is it located in the right place? What's the timing on this?


Are you sure that this is Washington, I thought it was Madison.


You didn't get the count right?  How did you learn that?  It came to you?  Your computer told you? Where were you at the time?  On the toilet seat?  Of course, that's were everything comes ---.


God forgives human beings but not human errors. Human errors are yours and you own and pay for them. Humans are aimed at correctness not errors. Now where did I hear that last?


How come we were issued spoons? I thought that this would require heavy equipment. Not enough money?


What?  We're broke?  As a State and the national government too?  How did that happen? I didn't see it happen. Was it a human error? I though that it was the banks, Wall Street and GM that were broke? How did they get back on their feet?


Maybe they can help? 'Give us some advice or lend some money to the government. What about all those oil wells, could they turn over a little oil or oil-profit to those who permit them to “drill baby drill?” By the way, what happened to her, is she too busy counting her money? She's not broke.


Social Security, that's where the money is, let's get some from there. We already have? Have we paid it back? Borrowed money must be paid back. That's what I learned at the bank. Bank? Say that softly.


I thought Social Security was broke too. Now, is it or isn't it? You don't know? I had an old boss, who criticized the workers when they said they didn't know, “listen, this is a business.” I suppose he meant honesty, a good days work and some common sense.


Now you tell me Social Security is not broke but it will go broke. When? Soon. Oh. I thought you meant sooner? Well, that makes sense.


We've got plenty of natural gas, you say? If the government owned all the oil wells we have control over and all of he natural gas, would we be broke then? I don't think so. So all the wealth we need is here. We're not broke.


Would that be a sort of, a form of smart acquisition? Isn't that what big corporations do, acquire? Let's go easy on this broke business then because acquisition might turn out to be a popular alternative to being broke. Didn't this happen in South American some place?


Now are you sure you've got that post in right place? Let's look at the plans. Plans? What plans? There you go, trying to be reasonable again. I'm sorry. Human error. No plans.


I'm still not sure this project is in the right place without plans. I don't know whether we are in Washington, D.C. or in Madison, Wisconsin. I'm not sure about that Trump guy. He said that he's against outsourcing and would put 25% tax on imports. Does he sound like a Republican? I don't think so. He sounds like a labor guy to me.


I'm not sure how long we'll have our governor in Wisconsin, whether or not Social Security is broke along with the rest of us, but I am sure that that former vice presidential candidate is not broke.


Speaking of Alaska, I think that idea about owning oil and natural gas is an interesting one. All that profit could surely begin to pay off our national debt and then some. That wouldn't be socialism would it? It's what we own.


Then no one would have to pay those devilish taxes, rich or not. And still we wouldn't be broke. So let's stop saying we're broke. We're rich, not broke.


Let's figure out where we are. Some do their best thinking on the toilet seat. Don't they have toilet seats in our schools? They might help. Let's think about that some time, when they start refurnishing the the schools. Toilet seats.


Now as to where this project is located. Where are we? Or where were we? Or where are we going to be? Where is Madison again?