DONALD TRUMPISM--what kind of arrogance?

Published on: 4/8/2011



Human beings generally find it uncomfortable being in the presence of people who display arrogance in one way or another. Trump with a trumped-up name and appearance has the audacity to claim that others are not American.


He may have been born on this land but doesn't display characteristics that most Americans do.


His lack of humility, a deeply running characteristic of Americans, a general child-like nature, a characteristic that displays a wanting to learn attitude is lost in the "all-knowing Trump."


So wherever he may have been born, his obvious need to put things over on people, the same type of self-importance found among many criminal types removes any high degree of his honest social acceptance.


Although arrogance is found among people with inferiority feelings, people not satisfied with themselves like Trump, we seem, more generally, to expect to find among people of money and with power.


Trump may or may not have money but in his dissatisfaction with himself he seems to be seeking and reaching for power.


In today's world, power appears to be supported by money and this re-enforces the notion that money in itself is power.


We have seen a great display of arrogance among our politicians today, especially among those who have recently gained positions, which are generally viewed as positions of power.


Politicians having gained roles in government, as we have learned, seem to expect the right to display an arrogance not socially granted them.


This self-achieved level of arrogance usually means trouble for that indivdual and specificially in the actions which involved our newly elected Wisconsin governor, stimulated by a developing, now a full-grown condition of arrogance.


The philosophy developing within the Republican Party has given reason for assuming a high degree of arrogance among its members. We can see this among recently elected governors all over the country and especially among new comers in the Congress.


The “we-know-it-all and what is right for this country” kind of arrogance has come on display for everyone to see. We have seen how the people of Wisconsin have reacted to it. There may be a general reaction to this attitude all over the country, we've yet to see.


But basic to this arrogance is the objection to the way public money is being spent and collected and primarily from whom it is coming and to whom it's going. But more easily understood, is the underlying desire to roll back everything that FDR stood for.


This is the strong emotion being displayed today by the leaders in the Republican Party and especially within a small group at its far right fringe.


Individuals know how we react to a display of “Trump-like” arrogance on a face to face baisis and this is probably the way we will react to a collective display of “Trumpism” in our government in the coming days.