If the Saudis can do it, why not America?

Published on: 4/5/2011


The Republicans are developing a smoke screen over the national debt by changing the subject and talking about social programs and the savings that will come from their reduction and elimination.


They do not want to place taxes on the upper classes as their actions have indicated and as they have expressed within their trickle-down economic religion. Who then is going to pay for the national debt even if we eliminated all social programs and if the national debt were not to increase any more?


Oil-rich countries attain most of their national revenue from profits on oil. It is claimed that we are oil-rich except that we will not permit oil drilling. Here's the answer to not paying taxes and reducing the national debt.


Let's nationalize the oil resources of this country and along our coast-line waters and take those profits and use that money to pay-off the debt. Simple enough. What a hidden treasure. We should have known. And we should sell all that oil only in the United States. We wouldn't have to import. Oil independence at last.


If Saudi Arabia can do it, why shouldn't we? Then the rich wouldn't have to pay taxes, the great objective of the conservatives. Maybe the Republicans could run on that. “No taxes for the rich. If Saudi Arabians can do it, why not the U.S.?” A good political slogan.


And a good practical idea, why not?   Maybe we could nationalize coal and natural gas while we're at it.  We could wipe out the debt pretty quickly.  Hey!  We're not broke after all. No crisis.  Good news.

Certainly China will lead us the money for this proposed acquisition.