Winning The Future?

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Every once in a while, a creative person will come up with a new idea or a new phrase in which they think that it is just the best phrase and people will be jealous of what a good phrase that is. People will be jealous that they did not come up with it themselves. And it will be a good phrase until somebody points out house to put it really is. A good example of a phrase like that is; winning the future.

What exactly is winning the future? Well, it's Barack Obama's phrase for 2012 because he is now a candidate for President of the United States. Having no record of success to run on, he now has to base his campaign again on the hope and change. Once again, the citizens of America will be asked to paint a rosy picture of what they would like America to be and convince themselves that having Barack Obama as president would achieve that goal. Obama had to start early, so that people will have enough time to convince themselves that this is how America should be.

Forget the promises of the last campaign. Forget the failed programs. And try not to think about how bad things have gotten instead of improving. Is it easier to buy things now than it was three years ago? Does your dollars go further? Have you increased your buying power? Technically, we've been out of the recession for almost 2 years. But every month we find excuses for why we have a sluggish economy. Every month we find excuses for why people are not finding the jobs that they are qualified for. We are supposed to give another couple of months or even another couple of years to find the results that we have been promised. Sure, consumer spending has gone up but that is because the United States has a crummy energy policy. We are paying double for gas what we were three years ago. But we should hope that we can have an electric car that will be powered by wind energy. How can we win the future when we're losing the present?

Government budgeting is up about 80% in discretionary spending. And again, every month we get reports that more and more people have fallen below the poverty threshold. Yet how do we combat this? We increase entitlements. Americans were promised that the annual budget deficit would be cut in half by the end of Obama's first term. But instead it was quadrupled and any cuts in government spending are labeled as draconian. Whatever happened to a coming together?

The recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize pledged to get us out of two wars. We are now involved in three and none are going well. America was not the big liberator of the oppressed in the Middle East countries. Yes, there are those who will say that two of the wars were started by the previous administration. And the previous administration is still being blamed for a poor economy. So let's ask this question: why are we electing a president who is only making excuses? There was a time, and now I guess it seems like it was a time long ago, when people were judged on results. Today, effort equals results. If you put in a halfhearted effort, that's the same as actually doing it, right?

Barack Obama's campaign is starting out by saying how hard they are fighting to maintain their policy is that they have put in place. If they are such good policies, white is so much effort have to be put towards keeping them in place? The Obama administration seems to have the attitude that they know better than you do. They will tell you what's right, and if they tell you enough times, maybe you'll start believing it and acting accordingly. That's what they call winning the future in the 21st century.

The reelection video put out by President Obama has been called effective. It should also be called lame. It's supposed to represent a cross-section of America who are involved with the political process and realize that President Obama has a job to do and can't come around and energize the citizens to motivate them to convince themselves that more hope is needed to create a future that Americans can be proud of. Is that how we win the future? Just keep hoping that things will get better with little or no effort? Is that what the American dream has become? If it has, it's time to wake up.

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