Do those making all the sounds, really want to pay down the debt?

Published on: 4/4/2011



I don't like to make personal and especially sentimental references in my posting but do so here to give authenticity to my point-of-view and genuineness to my true feelings on certain subjects.


I was in England while most of our group had been over North Africa toward the end of the war. Many of us were then transferred to France to prepare for return to the United States for additional training in order to carry on our war with the Japanese in the Pacific.


I looked forward to returning even though it might mean more war because it might give me the opportunity to see my aging father one more time.


I had thought of my father's welfare all the time abroad. His welfare was as important to me as mine was to him all the time I was in Europe.


I start with this introduction because I strongly believe that the welfare of the American people here at home is as important as that of the soldiers fighting abroad wherever they are and their welfare is as important when they return. We tend to forget.


I equate the welfare of Americans at home with that of our soldiers abroad. Security at home is what it is all about.


I, today believe that the Democrats and Republicans alike should stop talking about how they are going to handle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all the other social services and aids to Education as means of reducing the budget. It seems that the debt which both parties are responsible for is being used as the excuse.


If we are looking at the long run, we cannot avoid the fact that the only way that we can start paying down the debt, and we must really face up to that, is by acquiring revenue. That means taxes, how else?


We must continue to accept our responsibilities for our people at home. We are Americans and we can see to the security of our soldiers abroad and our people at home.


Cutting necessary spending is not going to do it. Reduced spending is just that, reduced spending. And reduced spending doesn't cut down the debt while we're still borrowing to pay for what we are spending. Reduced spending by a homeowner doesn't stop foreclosure—it requires real cash outlay.


Even if we cut most spending for this coming year, where is the revenue to pay for the debt coming from. We are not going to have any leftover revenue for that. So we need to face up to it. What we need is more revenue and the U.S. doesn't own any oil wells as some other countries do to provide for painless revenue.


Perhaps we should acquire those in Texas, California and now in North Dakota and perhaps in the Gulf.   


Debt reduction is a long term enterprise. And talk about reduced spending is one way of not facing up to really trying to pay off the debt. It's a phony and our thinking politicians better begin calling it a phony or they better get ready to be called phonies themselves, in both parties.   


In modern days, those who do not have an excessive amount of oil as a resource, use a process called taxation and the rich in these countries cannot forever avoid paying their share nor be spared that responsibility. They should volunteer, the way patriotic soldiers do and especially those who do several tours.


Those who are abroad at war risking their lives are not shirking their responsibilities and those of more than ample means have no reason to shirk theirs at home. It is their patriotic duty to pay up and perhaps bring some of their factories back home, as well.


I do hope that those who put up their lives for this nation's security today can expect that those who can afford it, will pay for the security of our people at home today and tomorrow.


It would be a comfort to some of the older veterans to know that all of the people of this nation were worth fighting for, Republican, Democrats, rich and poor and yes, even Tea Party members.


Perhaps those fighting would want to take back their country as well, the way it once was, and with all its improvements, since World War II, let us say. The United States is not primarily a ”fiscal thing.”   Nor was “fiscal” a word that the revolutionist used during the real American Revolution