A 'Tea Party and Republican effect' on flat economic recovery?

Published on: 4/4/2011



All of us looking for a strong up turn in economy, a reduction in unemployment and a rapid increase in the employment rate. But not everyone, especially investors are really in much of a hurry.


Lenny's Angel Party would like to see many of the Tea Party members find their way closer to heaven but that seems like slow going too. For they are throwing all sorts of wrenches in the works.


This recession is not going to follow old recession rules for getting out of the hole. It may call for the forces of Angels, Lenny's Angel Party.


The Democrats have lost the energy and drive displayed in many of the previous Democratic administrations when dealing with economic matters and probably because of the “Tea Party effect.”


I don't know how it got fueled, but there's a strong “Republic Party effect” as well, that has more than dampened the old rules for getting out of old time recessions even if this were one of those old timers.


Like recent hurricanes, earth quakes and tsunamis and heavy rainfall of last summer, things seem very much different but are not being treated that way. And I believe today's recession especially to be quite different.


Before the so-called “global economy” opened up, our economy was driven by “consumer spending.” The “spending stimulus” didn't work as rapidly now as it seems to have done in the past. I'm not sure that the slight rise that we seem to be seeing is the direct result of a “consumer spending stimulus.”


What are we stimulating? In the past spending got production going, followed by jobs, more spending and more production. There are too many holes for stimulus to leak out of.   My problem with the economy today is that I don't see much job-related production activity.


Today we have various production alternatives, robots, outsourcing and relocation and technology-type office help, starting with machine-type answering systems, lack of paper movement and car-starting buttons.


I think we are going to have a very gradual and flat recovery. Unless the housing market shoots up for some unknown reason or the wealthy are stimulated to together invest in “some kind of thing” like a flock of birds coming to the bird feeder, I think things are going to go kind of slow.


Let's hope that things really turn up, but this is something that I have a great deal of doubt about.

Let's see if I can come up with some more hopeful thinking next time.