Reversing the 'colossal' nature of cities. Reducing densities and heights.

Published on: 4/2/2011



I want to use the word “colossal” as a means for developing an attitude toward the cities of the world and to emphasize the need to reduce their enormous anti-human characteristics that have impressed us in their growing nature over more than a century.


The attitude to reverse the trend has especially been developing for some time along with the more modern social development of the Japanese culture and is being personalized in the thoughts and proposals being made by people like Professor Takayoski Igasaski, one who would reverse the culture of “colossal cities.”


He sees in the very nature of an island nation, unable to expand to accommodate what might be considered to be a population already too large for the type human living, a type of living that gave it its founding nature, the need to accommodate itself to existing conditions and those that are seen to be developing for the future.


He has be “ranting” about these concerns even before the recent disaster and was appointed as adviser to the Cabinet only days before this most recent disaster.


Japan, China and other populated countries have hurled themselves headlong into the the development of high density and high rise cities which are not of the healthy nature as some view them in our western cultures.


Existing colossal cities need to be “de-colossalized. “ The question first of all, most be, what purpose do  these enormous cities serve in our culture and what sort of new or evolving culture do we intend to create?


This movement as it develops does not mean that we will be moving back to the past, but that we will be re-accommodating ourselves and re-arranging the technologies developed in the past few centuries that make us the human beings that we've become today and are becoming in the future.


Perhaps we shall examine how these technologies without guidance and without well thought-out end goals will affect our developing civilization. I'll be coming with more stories focusing on specific reversing elements that may be applied to the “decolossalization” of our highly developed cities.