Published on: 4/1/2011


Raising chickens and bees in the suburbs—River Hills.


I raised rabbits as a kid, at age 14 or 15,. built cages on the back yard of our city place, made sure I had a lot of little ones to sell at the downtown pet shop before Easter.


Our cat used to wait for my father at the street car stop across the street every evening, 5 pm. and my father placed the cat on his shoulder as he came home. At one time, my father kept goats on an empty lot not far away down the street, near the edge of Riverview Park and we had goat's milk.


I remember, I didn't like the taste of goat milk. 


We didn't have sewer backup problems in those days.  Did we know more about sewers then? That was a few year before I went off to war and almost a decade before I became a city planner for my own home town. 


I wonder what sort of magic all of our sewer consultants will come with next week so that we don't get any more raw sewer backups this summer. Do our new apartments and condos add more or less to the sewer problem?


Chickens, bees and horses. Does River Hills get backups?  Not on 5-acre lots? Do you mean no sewers? Septic tanks?  Perhaps they've got good solutions for Shorewood, but we might have to skip the chickens?