Representative Sandra Pasch will challenge Senator Alberta Darling in Recall Election

State Representative Sandra Pasch will run against Senator Alberta Darling in Recall Election

Sandra Pasch is the 22nd District Representative in the Wisconsin State Legislature, first elected in 2009.

Rep Pasch has a Master of Science in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, and prior to entering public office, she was an Assistant Professor at Columbia College of Nursing for 15 years.  Among other community involvement, Rep Pasch was elected for 4 terms as President of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Greater Milwaukee.

During her first term in office, when the Democrats had a majority, Rep Pasch served on several committees, and was especially involved in health initiatives and earned a reputation for working with both sides of the aisle, both Democrats and Republicans.

Reliable Sources have said that Ms Pasch is very concerned in the direction the Legislature has taken since the Republicans have taken control.  And that she is especially concerned that the Republicans are jamming through an ideological agenda, with little concern for discussion, public opinion, or even the following of established procedural rules in both the Assembly and Senate.

Rep Pasch is reportedly upset with the actions of Senator Alberta Darling.  She feels that Senator Darling has joined into an agenda which she had never proposed to her constituents, and that if she had run on that agenda, the voters in her Senate District would not have re-elected her.  Sen Darling has held that office for almost 20 years.

I learned that Rep Pasch has been contacted by many constituent groups that had previously supported Senator Darling and or worked with her, and they have expressed frustration with Darling's lack of responsiveness to phone calls, e mails and letters.  They feel that over the years, Sen Darling has moved radically to the Right, and lost the care and concern she had in dealing with all constituents of either party, and being open to Comprise and Bi-Partisanship.  Many of these groups have urged Rep Pasch to run against Sen Darling if a Recall Election becomes a reality.

Although Representative Sandra Pasch has not publicly announced that she will challenge Senator Darling in a Recall Election, she has in fact decided, and confided to those close to her, that she will run against Senator Darling if the petition for the Recall Election is successful. 

I have confirmed that Rep Pasch has signed the petition for Senator Darling's recall, and has encouraged others to do so as well.

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