Mission Accomplished

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I find it at least mildly ironic that the person who has been issued for 2009 Nobel Prize for peace has now ordered military action that has begun what has been called the Americas third war. Once again the United States is engaged with military action on another Muslim country. Wasn't part of President Obama's agenda a mission to help Muslim countries feel better about themselves and the United States? Are we accomplishing these missions?

About eight years ago, the United States stepped in to begin a humanitarian effort that would stop an evil dictator who was leading a mid eastern country from causing harm to his own people. Yes, at the time we were convinced that there were also weapons of mass destruction. Yet today, we are involved with Libya because we believe that an evil dictator, i.e. Momar Qaddafi, (or however it's spelled this year,) has also been stopped from committing mass murder on the people of his country. That's what we're being told this week. Of course, this will become clear when the president comes out and makes a statement about why we are involved in a military action in Libya. Then of course, we'll feel good about this because it is only going to be a limited effort. The war in Iraq was also supposed to be a very short war because we got used to short wars during operation Desert Storm. We got in, we got out. It was mission accomplished.

What's going on in the Middle East today? It appears that country after country has a dictator that the United States would now like to leave office. The current administration believes it is supporting a youth movement and government by the people by supporting the rebels. But warned the rebels? Does anybody really know? And why are we supporting them? Perhaps we could just go nation by nation, proclaiming historic moments like was done in Egypt, and then hope a sane leader will come out of it. That way, they will be so naive that President Obama will look like the grand old dad on the world stage. Then again, we can say; mission accomplished.

Because President Obama does not like war, the effort led by the United States in Libya will quickly be turned over to NATO's leadership for their continued leadership. Since World War II, the United States has led and kept control over operations like these until there goals were met and the actions could be scaled back. It takes a real non-leader to be committed at the beginning of such action to say that the United States will not remain the leader in maintaining a no-fly zone. This will be a first for the United States, the commander in chief stepping aside hoping somebody else will make everybody play nice. Then again, we will be able to say; mission accomplished.

In the past several weeks, since this crisis started in Libya, the general public has been confused about what is going on and what needs to happen for this to be resolved. First, we did not take action fast enough. Then once we did, so decided that we should have kept the United States out of this. Yes, there is enough second guessing going around to make every decision right and every decision wrong. That is now the political environment in America today. Were unsure of what we want to happen, yet we know whatever happens can certainly be wrong. We have enough crises to go around which should do more to unite Americans than it has. Yet we seem more content in our polarization. While we should be doing more to fix our problems, we are more occupied with fixing blame. And again, America cries out more for a strong leader which is needed now more than ever but cannot seem to find one. As time goes on, we seem to find ourselves involved in more and more serious problems that go unresolved yet will not go away. Was a solution found in Rio? Was one found on the golf course? Americans are looking for better days ahead. But the current administration has only given us chaos, confusion and want. Mission accomplished.

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