I don't always read the comments posted below my blog.  However I have hesitated in writing a new posting here because I wanted to see how far and how disturbed the comments could become.  They have sunk lower than anything I have ever been associated with.  Frankly, they are disgusting.  Both  from the left and the right, the comments represent the most reprehensible sorts of expressions.  And they are written without shame.  The hatred is expressed without restraint.  The bigotry is openly expressed.  The greed is astonishing.  The racism is omnipresent.  The sexism is expressed ongoingly and almost proudly.  The distortions abound.  And there is little truth or merit in any of the comments.  They are just attacks at those perceived to be on the "other side."  I disown all of them.  When bigotry, racism, sexism, lies, distoritions, etc. abound, truth fails.  Without tolerance, everything is wrong.

Though the ability to erase any of the comments is mine, I have never used that even once.  In fact, I have used my discretion to accept some comments that the newspaper thought should not be printed.  Those were especially outrageous comments from the left and the right, but I am in favor of open debate and freedom of expression.  But I must state that clearly most of them are horrible.

Those of us who strive to bring fairness and balance to the news, are constantly bombarded with charges from both the left and the right that we are biased.  Those who have been in contact with my written and oral expressions do not know the body of my work as a commentator on the news.  Going back as far as President Truman, I have been critical of our political leadership.  I have been critical of Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama.  Since Reagan, I shall admit, that I have been more critical of the right.  But I lambasted Clinton.  I criticized LBJ not only for his policiies but his manner of administration.  Yes, I have found Reagan and George W. Bush to be expecially harmful to the U.S.  But many of the things that weigh the U.S. down, much of what causes us to fail at leadership, and how often we neglected so many underserved people have been accumulative.  There have been many failures.  And as I have mentioned many times in my writing and speeches, we have not produced many good leaders in America since 1982 or so.  We have been shortchanged in leadership in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government.

I spent a little time living and working in the heart of Washington, D.C.  I hated what I saw and learned about American politics.  I worked with people from both political perspectives, I shared meals with them, I had a drink with them, I socialized with them, etc.  The environment in our nation's capital is not conducive to honesty, shared responsibility, openness, candor, or moral or ethical principles.  Politics in the U.S. attracts some of the lowest forms of human life.  However, be clear that these people are often financed to do the dirty work of monied people and corporations.  The objective of much of the big money in Washington is to cheat the system and the American people.  And war is often the means to accomplish some very unsavory objectives.

It is easy to blame the right-wing.  We can point to the huge financial benefits that fall to these people when they buy their way through the system.  And it is further easy to see that big money leans right, and while labor leaders make big bucks and some wealthy individuals support left-wing causes, the vast bulk of money and influence exists on the right-wing.  To point out exceptions only muddies the truth.  But the left-wing must share in the blame for our current condition.  I have privately discussed matters with some powerful left-wing leaders.  I found too many of them to be less than honest in how or why they support certain causes.  In short, we are awash in unsavory and untalented political figures who only know how to cheat the system.

The answer is not NECESSARILY smaller government, but better government.  That outcome depends clearly on one thing: an informed electorate.  Being informed does not mean buying into self-served propaganda, it means reading, watching, listening, studying, and using common sense.  In a democracy the majority are not always correct.  In a democracy, the people sometimes make mistakes.  We held down women, minorities, gays, etc. for many years.  That was what was wanted by the majority but it was not right.  In a democracy, fairness is important.  In a democracy, everyone pays their FAIR share.  In a democracy, the minority has a right to voice its opinion.  In a democracy, the rich do not have a better voice than the poor.  In a democracy, we work together for the common good.

Look around you.  It is obvious that we are in a political dilemma.  The American dream is fading.  Revenge or lying to get the advantage do not serve our nation or our society well.  This is a pivotal point in American history and development.  It appears that we are failing.  I do not write this to make a point at someone else's cost.  I do not care if I am proven wrong.  I do care that the U.S. gets it correctly.

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