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I was truly amazed at all the comments made about my decision not to respond directly to the comments of readers.

For a little background, I have been doing this blog for over three years, and at first I very seldomly responded directly.

I saw my job as more of a catalyst to start a discourse, and I was always happy to see comments, whether they agreed or dis-agreed with me.

As time went by --- I somehow got caught up in responding to comments more frequently ---- and not that I dislike the give and take --- but I found that I just do not have time to adequately respond.

I have been very grateful that to date, this blog has not sunk to the level of some others --- with the readers writing more comments about the other folks who made comments, than upon the actual posting itself.

Please recognize that this is not a rule I am setting in stone ---- comments by politicians or anybody else who identify themselves, may call for a response. 

However, overall I would like to continue to bring up topics for discussion and allow everyone to contribute their thoughts.

I have yet to delete any comment from anyone --- even though some of the folks have sunk to a level of personal attack --- including calling me a liar!  Well that is their opinion, and the other folks can decide that for themselves.

I will reserve the right to delete comments that are nothing but personal attacks against other readers, rather than comments on the topic.  And of course, profanity is not an option -- although I believe the blog system screens those out automatically.

Lastly --- If you would like to correspond directly with me, I am the easiest person to get in touch with --- just click on the link and send me an e mail.

Thanks to all who read this blog and contribute their thoughts.

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