The "new" conservatives cannot stand to have someone with a differing opinion to their own.  But when it happens on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, a little restraint would be expected from the justices.  But extremism has now become the norm on the right.  Justice David Prosser, a conservative, was angry with the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court and called her a "bitch."  And when confronted about it outside of the courtroom, he inferred the same about another woman on the Court.

That seems to pass for right-wing actions these days.  If you don't like what is going on, invade someone.  Or call them a sexist name.  Or blow up the Oklahoma City federal building. Or yell at the President [who just happens to be African American] that he should hurry up and make the same mistakes that Bush did and invade Libya.  Or lie to Congress.  Or lie to the UN.  Or lie about the President's legal status as not born in the U.S.  Or shoot-on-site any of "those" people trying to cross the border to save their family from destitution.  Or act illegally as Governor.  Or have a clandestine phone conversation about using the office of Governor to hire goons to break up demonstrators, or receive rewards from rich right-wingers for carrying out their agenda.  Or call a state supreme court chief justice a sexist name.  Or take away money from inner city schools.  Or take away collective bargaining from state employees.  Or try to act quickly in the role of Governor before the people catch on.  Or forget to mention in your campaign speeches that you plan to immediately change the way the state does business.  Or to act as Governor to cost the state hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Or to have a fling with young Washington staffers and others while married three times and achieve a leading role in running for President of the U.S.  Or running off to Argentina to have a tryst while married and Governor of South Carolina.  Or exhibit strange behavior in the men's room in the Minneapolis airport.  Or seen as unfit to run as a Republican because you instituted a successful state health care reform that is too close to "Obamacare."  Or let the man go when you had him trapped...the man who masterminded the terrorist attack of 9-11.  Or break the financial back of the U.S. by invading Iraq and giving immense tax breaks to the richest people and largest corporations. 

...or fail at trying to keep your cool after reading this blog.

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