What happened to Alberta --- Recall would be in order

Alberta Darling Recall, Middle Class, Class Warfare, Union Busting

Alberta Darling was once one of those politicians who didn't hide from their views, but was open to discussion and compromise, and seemed to be in touch with not only her like minded constituents, but also had a feel for those of differing philosophies.

As I recall her history, she grew up middle class in Cicero (or Berwyn), Illinois --- although now, she resides in the land of the wealthy, known as River Hills.

Her recent support of trashing the middle class through the draconian actions of Walker's slash and burn budget proposals, and Union bashing, have now put her squarely in the developing Class Warfare against the Middle Class in favor of the Wealthy.

She seems to have forgotten that this country was made great, BECAUSE of the promise that if you worked hard, you could belong to a middle class, that was the envy of the world. 

And that promise was based upon the hard earned rights of the working class folks -- and not a little bit, by the "give and take" dynamics between management and labor.

Alberta may live in River Hills --- but it is not the Nile that she lives on  (Queen of Denial) --- in the United States, folks don't like their politicians to "mandate" and "dictate" .

If you think it is time for Alberta to vacate her throne --- go to the Recall Alberta Darling Facebook site at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/pages/Recall-Alberta-Darling/147681965291745

Maybe it is time for Alberta to visit her middle class roots in Cicero -- to be reminded of how most of us live.

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