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Brown Deer mom offers helpful “takeaways” while traveling about town with two girls, ages 6 and 3. It’s not rocket science, just a slice of life.

Commuter Parents

Recently, I became a commuter mom. I drive an hour and a half each way to my job in Chicago. The more I talk about it, the more I realize that I'm not alone. For example, a lady told me how her husband lived in one city during the week and came home on weekends.  Another couple explained that they live in the middle so the work commute, about an hour, is manageable for both. Yet another friend said he commuted by plane for months until he could find a job to join his wife in the same city. As the country celebrates Labor Day today, this is what 2013 laborer looks like.

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Why We Support Brown Deer's Fun Fair

It is an “aha” moment that I clearly remember.

With the Fun Fair a couple of days away, organizers issued one last
call for volunteers. Out of the blue, a voice in my head said, “If not
you, who?”
I was new.  New parent. New homeowner. We were new to the
Brown Deer community after moving more than 100 miles away from
our hometown. I felt fortunate to live in a great public school district.
We benefited from an engaged PTO and its members who work hard to
create a nurturing and competitive learning environment.
Then it hit me.
This doesn’t just happen. Parents make it happen. They donate time,
talent and money. The high quality of our school community depends
on our participation if it’s to be sustained.
Still, sometimes during a crazy, surreal moment, I think the old timers
from our childhood are here to get it done. Obviously, reality snaps
me back and I acknowledge life’s cycle. Worker bees of previous years
are forever gone -- dead, retired or no longer able to help.
So that means it’s on us. I am that parent. We are that generation.
Finding time to volunteer isn’t always easy. Life happens.
Again, here lies the beauty of this community. Gracious PTO members
always welcome you with a smile accepting whatever you can give,
whenever you give it.
However, more than anything, I enjoy the way the Fun Fair connects
you to the community. It fosters a delightful sense of fellowship,
ownership and pride. We’re excited about this year's Fun Fair.
If you still need a reason to support this great event, consider this.
According to the PTO, the annual Fun Fair raises about 10 thousand
dollars for the school. The proceeds pay for field trips and classroom
supplies. Your donations also help pay for big-ticket items like smart
boards, science kits and computer programs.
The 2013 Fun Fair is this Saturday, March 9th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
at the Brown Deer Middle School.
Come out for a good cause and remember that the Fun Fair is
just that, fun.

A Public Thank You to the Kass Family

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Creating a Summer Bucket List

This evening, after much deliberation, I bought a pair of Naot “Kayla” sandals to kick off the summer season.  It's my second pair and perhaps the most comfortable shoes I own.  Who cares that it’s 46 degrees and my toes are freezing. I'm breaking out my summer gear anyway because in one week, I’ll flip the calendar to June.  Mother Nature will just have to catch up.

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Royal Wedding

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