Democracy is slipping away from us.  The tragedy in the capitol in Madison is only a small indication.  What is being missed is the clandestined intent of the new onslaught of the right-wing.  It is not Republican, that party dissolved long ago.  The new GOP is a sinister group that has been bought and sold by the largest cabal of war and greed corporations that exist in America.  And you and your family are being taken as dupes in the process.  Your standard of living is being threatened, and even moreso, your kids and grandkids may never know the comfort and stability brought to the U.S. by collective bargaining.

Scott Walker campaigned on carefully crafted and paid-for slogans concocted by extreme right-wing financers.  It was condensed to his promise to bring "jobs, jobs, jobs," to Wisconsin.  In his few short weeks in office he has brought the economy of the state to a standstill, and more people have lost and are losing their jobs because of his actions.  Not only is that a bold-face lie on Walker's part, there is worse to come.  While the poor and middle class suffer under Walker's cabal, the wealthy benefit.

This is not an accidental outcome.  It was planned folks.  It was planned.  If you needed proof, Walker's clandestined phone conversation with a blogger he thought was one of the infamous Koch brothers, clearly laid out the plan, the deviousness, the unlawful intent, and the willingness to personally benefit for carrying out the desires of extreme right-wing financers.  You do this obediently and you will receive these pay-offs (legal or illegal).  A trip to California as a pay-off is illegal, yet Walker gladly accepted on the phone.  Using thugs to break up demonstrators was considered by Walker, but dismissed as counter-productive ...he gave no thought to it being unethical or immoral.

Walker's intent does not have balancing the budget as its goal, though he states it is.  That could have been done far easier.  It was done in the past by other Wisconsin governors, with budget deficits bigger than this one.  In the budget just before Walker took office, Democratic Governor Jim Doyle, not a favorite of mine, was faced with a budget deficit twice what Walker faced.  That deficit was handled and filled in.  When Walker tells you this deficit cannot be handled without taking billions of dollars away from local governments and public education, along with erasing collective bargaining, he is lying, folks, he is lying.

This entire fiasco is not about Wisconsin, it is about the biggest, greediest people and corporations taking over the nation.  Walker's phone conversation with the Koch impersonator did away with any doubt about this.  Making huge profits for these people and these corporations is not enough.  For example, the assembling of IFones and such in China is done in slave-like conditions.  Think of how much more the big corporations could make if these slave conditions existed in the U.S. and avoided all that shipping.  And drving out labor unions and collective bargaining is a good start in that direction.  A bigger problem is that when they achieve this slave condition in American labor, those workers will not be able to afford the very products they are producing and assembling.  No matter.  The social democracy nations where workers are paid decent wages and have decent benefits [e.g. Germany, France, Sweden, etc.], will have people who can afford to buy the products.  Result: The U.S. becomes like a Third World country.

This is what we are facing.  Don't believe it is about government workers paying their "fair share."  Before Walker went off on his extreme, no-compromise demands, the government employees in Wisconsin had already agreed to pay more for their benefits.  What Walker was and is telling you is a bold-face lie!  It is not about paying for benefits, it is about breaking the back of collective bargaining and giving huge corporations and the wealthiest people more breaks and benefits themselves.

When Scott Walker was Milwaukee County Executive he left that county in a far, far greater mess than he inherited.  And he did it by thrashing public embloyees, and decimating public parks and more.  The next Milwaukee County Executive will have to deal with this mess.  And one of the two finalists for that office is a Walker clone.  Let the people send a message in the upcoming election!

The peoople of the U.S. have already bought into much of the propaganda foisted on them by the messages from deep-pocket, right-wing extremists.  Greed rules!  Let's start a war someplace!  Workers are paid too much!  What's wrong with a steady job at Wal-Mart of MacDonald's?  If you wnat to send your kids to a decent school, send him/her to a voucher school.  Regular public schools are for "those" kinds of kids.  Let the teachers deal with bigger class size!  Kill the labor unions!  Greed is good!

And so I don't know if the people of the U.S. have enough left to stay with this demonstration and fight.  They have been weakened.  If you have a job, even if it pays dirt wages, you are told you should be thankful.  Slowly we are becoming a nation of private country club vs. sleeping under a bridge...and those in between are siding with the country club set, even if they never set foot in one themselves.  It's nuts.

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