Published on: 3/9/2011



The general lesson that we the people have learned during the past few years and in the past few months and especially in the past weeks is that in Madison and in Tripoli that government in today's world must be for the people.


The pure power of democracy lies with the people. Lincoln had this clearly in mind. And in the end government is by the people. Tyranny has none of these people qualities as we have observed. A government of the people does not shoot nor threaten to shoot its own people for then it is no longer a government of the people.


Society, government and economy are one organism, whether exemplified by an ancient village, a State as in the United States or as a nation. We have seen signs over the years that we are becoming one global humanity. Therefore our responsibilities for humanity are expanding to their outer global limits.


Gasoline, petroleum has become essential to how we live as human beings throughout the world for the last century. Our dependency on this energy source, while we learn to break away from it has caused turbulence in and among those nations that have this in great supply.


Its need has caused the the rest of the world to accept the most ridiculous forms of governments, societies and economies.


Increasing the points of distribution or the sources of that petroleum distribution has not and will not eliminate the monopolistic nature of its diminishing supply. In our present economic process we have allowed a few individuals to become excessively rich merely by sitting on top of that supply and in its monopolistic control.


We have allowed some of those people active in speculation to set prices in their own interests rather than in the interest of the people. Today we have plenty of supply but still prices go up based on the machinations and art of speculation.


Does this declining element ingrained in today's economy operate in the interest of the people, of humanity of the world when it's in the hands of a few without responsibility for the people of the world?


Obviously not. And the people must do something about this. Society, government and economy are part of one organism.


Our economy is somewhat distorted at the present time so that it is not operating in the interest of the whole organism. It therefore cannot be allowed to operate in a manner that gives rise to  excessively rich groups without responsibilities toward the total organism, in our case, in the interest of America.


Whether nationally or internationally, these special people would recognize their responsibilities under certain circumstances and would not continue to suck the blood out of the organism that forms and gives them their existence.


In the United States, my main interest, the richest of our society have the ability to eliminate this fiscal fiction debt they have created so that they do not have to reasonably contribute to its elimination.


They also have the means for providing human sustenance by creating jobs in this country rather than sit on their money as though it were a petroleum resource nor take these job-creating abilities abroad in their own enriching interests. What about their responsibility to America, “the country (they say) they love?”


If we have not learned this lesson, that our society, our government and our economy are one organism made up of the people, then the people will have cause to see to it again that all of us relearn that lesson.


The “people,” truly defined will do more than dump over bags of tea into the sea. We have seen this recently, examples, Madison and Tripoli.