Walker previously used Public Money and New Tax for Private Union and Management

Walker supported private unions with taxpayer money, Walker supports Players union

 It is interesting that when Scott Walker was in the WI Legislature he carried water for Bud Selig and the other private owners of the Brewers' Team, so they could pay high salaries to the Union Ball Players.

He even helped create a tax, that we the public are still paying, to raise money for the "for profit" private company known as the Milwaukee Brewers ($310 Million from taxpayers)

Walker even went to bat for the Union Players when he was Milwaukee County Executive.  When the Brewers decided to cut their payroll, Walker said it was bad for the public investment, and players needed to be paid more.

And the MLB players are making quite good money now.  According to the Major League Baseball Players Association (union) --- the average in 2010 was $3,340,133.  *

I wonder how many public employees are making $3 million a year from taxpayer money ---- not too many, I would think.

04/06/10 8:36 PM ET

The Major League Baseball Players Association made its survey of Opening Day player salaries public for the first time, in response to a published report that concluded a 17-percent decline in the average salary.

According to MLBPA calculations, the average salary of 828 players on Opening Day rosters, including those on disabled lists, was $3,340,133 -- a slight increase over the 2009 average of 3,317,475.

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