Published on: 2/24/2011



Some non-believers think that Governor Scott Walker has exposed himself for what he really is with his union-busting techniques.


Now all other union-busting Republican governors are also suspect. The people are on to their hidden tricks now exposed. So it's going to be an uphill battle for all these other governors.


But still, the mere firing of public workers, we should have known, will create jobs. Now also the Democrats have learned why their feet were held to the fire on this “jobs, jobs, jobs” thing. They didn't know how to eliminate jobs.


Democrats have also become aware now of how they should really deal with this recession and job-creation. It is by the mere elimination of public jobs that we create the real jobs.


That's what it's about. It was the unions that brought on this recession. We should have known. If we could only rid ourselves of these devastating creatures, these union workers.


Then following this, we'll get to the outpouring of money to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. And don't forget unemployment insurance. These programs were the causes of this almost “depression,” don't you know.


When we get rid of these communist programs, we can bring back jobs from Communist China, no more of this made in China stuff, don't you think?


One way to save our State governments is to fire as many public workers as possible. Let's call it lay-offs or furloughs. These so-call “workers” are a drain on public financial resources.


Also, what about privatization? If we could privatize schools, we wouldn't need teachers, then we could eliminate school taxes altogether.


And we could increase our revenue by selling all these school buildings and the land underneath. It gets better as we get into it. This is the American revolution all over again, tea party and all.


Now we know what the tea party is all about, of course, its revolution. But the place to start is where we can easily move closer to the days of the real tea party, when we didn't have to pay anything to those cotton-picking workers. No right-to-work laws then. They were already working but didn't want to work.


Today we'll replace union workers with physical robots or we'll go to those human ones in China. What do union worker have to offer. Maybe they should go to China too. They'd be more useful there. I'm just thinking aloud. We'd also be reducing the political opposition that way too.


But for now, let's start with these public workers. They're easy. Just to displace them by taking away their bargaining rights, if nobody's looking.


But what's all this street marching all about? Shouldn't we clear the streets? How about the National Guard? It seems to be working for those dictators in North Africa, don't you think?  Why not here? Oh! Not here?