JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, but forget the barginning rights.

Published on: 2/20/2011

On the nature of social theoriesl   


Setting aside the issue of the bargaining rights of unions for the moment, some believe that by diminishing the budget along with reduced spending that we can eliminate deficits and in this way subdue the debt fairly readily, all without increasing taxes.


This political argument is considered by some of utmost arrogance in its speciousness, that the debt can be reduced without increased revenue, that is taxes.


The argument is then viewed as a phony topic promoted to smoke-screen the defense against paying taxes. It is believed that without revenue that government would not be able to meet its responsibilities, such as paying the debt, the main worry of those expounding this thesis. We cannot increase taxes during recession nor can we during prosperity.


The central sin to be avoided, it seems, is taxes, otherwise as church-attending and bible-believing Christians, these believers would want to pay taxes as much as they could afford, in order to help children, for example, to see to it that unwanted children would be properly cared for.


They'd want to see children educated, if not in what they consider to be today's inefficient ways, in new ways that they've devised. Perhaps these child-care functions could be performed though our churches or in our homes.


Obviously the hatred for teachers stems from what is considered to be their godlessness books and teachings. Those that in their hearts believe this, don't want children exposed to those evolutionists and socialist-commies.


Therefore they are not deserving of salaries let alone relatively high ones and generous pensions that are placing us in these disastrous economic conditions.


This is one of the sources of extreme hatred of the teachers' unions, unions that represent selfish teachers, many of them who are more interested in their own salaries and pensions than in the children.


The Governor of Wisconsin, in his wisdom also knows the underlying evil of unions, even in a broader sense. By eliminating the functional aspects of unions, we rid ourselves of a large debt-creating element of government.


In this way we can begin also ridding ourselves of this evil debt without increasing taxes.


There you have it. We can reduce debt and not require tax increases by ridding ourselves of those unions that represent government employees. And in so doing eventually reduce the number of people employed by government.


This is practical logic. Eliminating bargaining rights is one way of doing this. Then with lower taxes we will attract more job-creating industries.


The ultimate goal of course, is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. Now we can clearly understand how the whole thing works, don't you see the logic? It is simple enough.