Published on: 2/19/2011



It seems that unions have been prospering best among professional government workers--among these are teachers, firemen and policemen's associations. Many of these associations have managed to bring relatively good gains to their members and workers.


As the Democratic Party has supported the union movement, most union members seem inclined toward the Democratic Party.


Of course, this Is in opposition to the businessman's perception of the unions as the enemy. The perception has been that unions manage to suck away a significant portion of the profits of the various businesses and complicate their operations through their achieved demands.


Even today, when unions do not play a significant role within the economy, Republicass regard them as one of residual evils of the FDR era.. Democrats find that more members of the unions are not only likely to vote Democratic but are the usually the largest contributors to their election campaigns.  And Republicans know this.


Is it any wonder that Republicans have no love for unions. Usually when Republicans find themselves in the majority, they naturally lash out at the unions.


This year, 2011 seems to have presented them with the greatest opportunity yet and with a new governor in Madison, Wisconsin religiously bent on shaping the unions' images as evil and with the support of his political church members he has “struck while the iron was hot.”


And of course, the Democrats are pleased with the public ruckus that the Governor's action has caused as perhaps the”iron was too hot.”


His actions, he claims have been based on the desire to reduce or eliminate the State deficit. Government deficits, high taxes (all taxes are high) and unbalanced budgets have become the principle sins of economic evil. If any aspect of government can be related to any of these sins, then that element most be eliminated.


Therefore the Governor's target and deep resentment for unions have now become quite obvious even if rapped in the clothe of “government deficit”. Rapped in his own cultural perceptions he has neglected to anticipate the underlying cultural structure of unions in Wisconsin.


He has made the Republican disdain for the working class and teachers of this country, once a more disguised attitude, a thing about unions and deficits and now opening it up as a national issue. More significantly he as awaken the young people, the supporters of President Barack Obama.


This now, as presented is seen as a political battle and has taken on all the attributes and conditions of political battle. The Governor's stance and threat to call out the National Guard also presents the perception of physical conflict, sloping toward dictatorial action, somewhat an inclination of those on the very far right.  .   


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