Published on: 2/17/2011



Douglas MacArthur a-horseback dispersing the veterans who sought the attention of government in Washington D.C. comes to mind today. These were the early days of Corporationialism.


The Corporationists today are being represented by newly elected governors. Once again Wisconsin is in the spotlight, this time in position to resume union busting. “The good-for-nothing socialist teaching school teachers,” now become easy targets.


The way Corporationists create jobs is by eliminating the “unessential jobs.” We can see this as they focus on their methods of financing and the their views of legality, both functions of their derivative-type thinking that led the economy into the jobs depression which they will now extend farther through their new ability to eliminate jobs and especially public (socialist) jobs.


If not the jobs, then the way workers are sometimes able to obtain security within the Corporationist economy. If the masses object then there's the militia. In the thirties it was the hired thugs of industry that cracked heads. I remember yesterday.


Today, the slave mentality that existed when the Republican Party was created in Wisconsin led by Lincoln toward the elimination of slavery, still remains in the minds of some, perhaps we've noticed.


Corporationists do not represent the working class. It is the leisure class that gains most and supports Corporationialism. Now the new governors, the “tea party” Corporationists can be more open as to their thoughts and attitudes toward the working class from which they have isolated themselves.


This isolation has also developed within the opposition party, the Democrats, even if to a lesser degree.


Let's mount up and scatter the masses throughout the square. Our “will,” be done, even if the militia too is made up of the masses. A reminder that most of the American army, also made up of the members of the masses are far flung, fighting for the freedom and privileges for American workers and workers all over the world.


This was the land that once welcomed the huddled masses. Remember? That land of freedom and opportunity for the working classes? American workers did their part in building up this country, years ago, remember?


Do we remember yesterday? Much of what we don't want to remember seems to be returning and is now becoming more reality than a memory, wouldn't you know?