FROM MY NOTE BOOK: On solving social problems.

Published on: 2/14/2011




PROBLEM:  How to prevent overwhelming the balance between our existing sewer flow and its storage capacity during storm surges.


SIMPLE ANSWER:  Appropriately sizing of water flow and water storage capacity to accommodate flow and storage needs during heavy storm water runoffs.


THE ANALYSIS: The analysis should indicate the appropriate and specific steps to be taken to address the imbalance that occurs when heavy rains occur. Then the steps to be taken in orderly form need to be described and presented as a plan.


The problem's immediacy requires a certain sense of urgency in presenting the solution and correction, with that attention to urgency to be incorporated within the plan. Thinking politicians will then disagree on methods of implementation but will have to come up with a politically acceptable sewage backup solution.




GOVERNMNENT AND POLITICS: general approaches to problems.



Sometimes one has to know about a lot of different things to solve the social problem at hand.


Professionals who specialize may not know about a lot of things outside their fields.   


Politicians are told about a lot of different things and usually vote the solution to a problem only after measuring the largest number leaning toward their political interests.


All social problems do not have majority-held solutions nor do specialists always have solutions to specialized problems. Professionals often establish associations with commonly held perspectives and approaches toward the function of their profession and problems presented them.


Agreeing specialists only provide conventionally-held answers. Agreeing politicians are of one perspective or of their party-held opinions.


Then how do we come by solutions to social problems?


We do this by getting several disagreeing specialists to come up with one solution and then by attaining agreement of disagreeing politicians to a political solution acceptable to them. Specialists should not try to anticipate political acceptance.


For it is in the element of disagreement at both levels that the appropriate answer is provided in the end.


Absence of disagreement at both levels usually produces old tired and conventional and often bureaucratic answers, sometime dictatorial answers. Therefore social problems need to be confronted by disagreeing specialists who need to come up with one main solution which is to become satisfyingly acceptable, with modifications of course, to disagreeing politicians.


Notes—February 12, 2011