Global Warming Causes Record Cold

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If you believe...

Whenever speaking in terms of a creed or a profession of faith, what is usually talking in terms of a religion. Yet the same can be said of global warming. Or climate change, or climate change caused by man, or placing a price on carbon, or whatever it is now called this year.

Science is strengthened by skepticism yet global warming denounces such skepticism. If you do not believe in global warming or climate change or whatever it's called this year, you are written off as a nut. Even the people in first in political correctness will point their finger at you and call you a crazy nut. If you don't believe.

Yet because we are in the middle of winter, and there'll be plenty of time this summer to talk about how temperatures are rising, the climate scientists and global warming believers will profess that global warming is causing the cold temperatures. Because there was so much carbon dioxide in the air, the weather is following a pattern not unlike the political climate-we are only having extremes. The winters will be colder and the summers will be hotter. The gentle spring rain will be superseded by violent storms and tornadoes. Snow flurries will become a thing of the past as blizzards will now be the norm. Until we put a tax on carbon emissions. And if it is not raining or snowing, there will be periods of severe drought.

Let us not forget it was the glaciers at the Great Lakes. Since they have melted, it has only gotten warmer and will continue to get warmer. A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the claimant is going to warm up by five or 6° on average in the next 50 years. This will mean that some trees that are native to northern Wisconsin, will no longer be in their normal climate and will disappear from the face of the earth. And of course it will be the trees that we make paper out of. No more paper, no more paper towels, no more bathroom tissue. And it gets worse. The only species that will benefit from this are species like the gray squirrel, the white tailed deer, and the Canadian goose. Well, nobody likes those species. The squirrels push the birds out of the theaters, the white tailed deer runs out in front of your car or eats the tulips in your backyard, and the Canadian goose-well I don't have to tell you what you'll be stepping in.

Yes, the solution to these so-called climate scientists is to put a tax on carbon emissions. Will that solve the problem? Of course not. Taxing ourselves to oblivion is not going to cure anything, even global warming. But people won't believe them simply because they don't want to believe it. Well, like religion I can't force people to believe what they don't want to. Yet others are expected to evade their beliefs. And people are expected to evade their skepticism. The world is not going to end tomorrow. There is still time to find the truth and to find the truth in science. The climate is not really changing that fast. If you believe...

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