Shorewood Village Board and Administration not capable of dealing with Sewage Backups

Flooidng, Sewage Backups, $70 Million Plan, 30 Year Plan, Publicity in place of Solutions to Sewage Problem

I have written on the Sewage Backup problem several times since last July when many of us were treated to 2 or 3 feet of sewage in our basements.

Immediately the Shorewood Village Board and Administration put together a number of Dog and Pony shows --- in a Public Relations Ploy to take the Heat off of Themselves.

The most Common Response to WHY we continue to have sewage backup problems, was for the Village Board and Administration to Point Backwards to Past Administrations that did not adequately deal with the problems involved.

Now, approximately 7 months after the Sewage Backups, the Shorewood Village Government has come up with a $70 MILLION and 30 YEAR PlAN to deal with the Sewage Problems.

Other than the utterly ridiculous time frame --- the Shorewood Officials have shown a total lack of Common Sense and Practicality by putting the two most important aspects at the end of the Plan ---

1) broken laterals and foundation drains 

2)  landscaping measures to divert topical flooding (think bottom of Oakland hill with flooding that could submerse cars).

If this is the best the Village Board Members and Administration  can do --- they should resign, or face replacement by the Citizens.


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